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Roger out in Miami

04.04.2008 | Tennis

Roger lost his quarter-final against American Andy Roddick 6-7, 6-4, 3-6 at the Miami Open.


It is the only the second defeat for our star in 17 career meetings against Roddick."I always said it's tough to play against Andy, you know, with that serve," said Roger, who was beaten with 17 aces. "He's always going to have a chance. That's why I'm quite amazed about my record against him."


"I think I did well to hang in there," Roger further commented. "Maybe this is one of the matches I should have won against him because he's had some other ones where I think he was supposed to win. This time around it went his way."


Roger had won the last 11 encounters with Andy Roddick, the head-to-head is now at 15-2. Roger will be heading back to Europe these days and is looking forward to the Estoril Open in Portugal and the start of the clay season.


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04/08/2008 | 10:30 PM
HI Roger,

Too bad that you lost to Andy, but overall a decent run in Miami. No one really expects you to have a perfect record against anyone, it was only a matter of time before tables get turned. Yet, better to lose now than say Wimby -08...

04/08/2008 | 10:05 PM
P.S. Tilou,

There is one more exhibition to be played this year the week before Wimbledon I think!

This is a bad move!
04/08/2008 | 10:02 PM

Just watched the interview on the attached link. I can see what you mean regarding Pete's subtle plee to Roger, the implication being that if Roger doesn't agree to play him again this year then he won't be in a position physically to compete ne
04/08/2008 | 08:44 PM


If the Roddick game at Sony Ericsson was any indication of how you play when you are "down and out," as your critics would like to think; then it showed everyone.............LOOK OUT! Because you played awes
04/08/2008 | 08:11 PM
(continued) Like you, the exhibition matches appear to me as very unfortunate. Especially the MSG one, right in between Dubai and IW. It made no sense whatsoever to me. I sort of felt better in a way because Roger did look happy out there. But I reall
04/08/2008 | 07:33 PM
Zing - Thanks for your reply. Regarding exhibition matches, I hope we saw the last one at MSG as I believe that Roger needs his energy for his more important goals. But... Did you see the Sampras interview after the match?

04/08/2008 | 07:26 PM
you play well but it wasn't sufficient but head held high and you will win the Estoril Open; Rolland Garros and Wimbledom for now.
Good luck
04/08/2008 | 06:45 PM
Tilou -

Well said regarding the class of Rafa both on and off the court. I posted something similar on page 35 I think. You have a clear understanding of whats really matters in sport. As far as the blinkered Federer fans that have posted negative comm
04/08/2008 | 06:24 PM
Not bad Asarte,

Although I would say that as interesting as your comments were regarding Roger's diet, I am sure we can him offer very little in the way of added value on the nutrional front! He'll have a team of experts for that!

04/08/2008 | 06:10 PM
Dear Roger, did you notice how lacklustre the semis and finals were, really, for such a grand tournament? That is tennis without you in the mix! Also, I am unhappy that all ATP series will have the 2/3 set format. There is no scope for players, and it doe