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Time 100

07.04.2008 | Off Court

Each year the TIME 100 honors the most influential people in the world, and this year TIME.com is giving readers a chance to vote on who should be on the 2008 list. Users can rank the level of influence for each person on a scale of 1 (least influential) to 100 (most influential). Last year, the Korean pop star Rain was voted into the number one spot. Who will it be this year?


Roger is on the list this year and you can vote for him by clicking on the link below.

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04/17/2008 | 06:54 PM
I still vote when I get a chance.

fans we can do it.

04/17/2008 | 11:45 AM
why is the rate of Roger soooooooo low?
I just don't understand~
04/17/2008 | 09:16 AM

Most of the Colbert autovoters may have dropped Roger Federer and moved on to attack Neil Degrasse Tyson, because he was ahead of Colbert recently! The increase in the total number of Roger votes has
04/16/2008 | 11:09 PM
Guys I've been voting for Roger for like Forever and somebody made him drop from a 47 to a 25! All Federer fans go on and give him a 100 over and over again!! Get him to the #1 spot!
04/16/2008 | 10:56 PM
Hi! At this moment, Djokovic (6,000) is ahead of Roger. How can this happen? What a joke, that voting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Suzana, from Brazil.
04/16/2008 | 05:45 PM
Roger is such an influential man in the world... From the first time that I've seen him play, I've already followed his trail... And from the time being that I came to know him, whoa! He's the greatest ever...You're the man...
04/16/2008 | 02:59 PM
Know,Roger's average rating is 25.Let's vote for him!
04/16/2008 | 02:01 PM

Hey Guys,

04/16/2008 | 01:23 PM
I cant believe Beckham is ahead of Roger! Go for it RF... Beckham needs a grand slamming!
04/15/2008 | 11:35 PM
Alsomar, my apologies. It was you, not shaida, who suggested a petition, which is a good idea to consider as a next step, if needed. Let's email Time for now and see if they respond within a day or two.
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