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Roger sweeps into semis

16.05.2008 | Tennis

Roger cruised into the semifinals of the Hamburg Masters by beating Fernando Verdasco of Spain 6-3, 6-3 today.


"I think I played well today," Roger said. "Fernando is one of those players you have to be always very careful of. He was a little bit more predictable today but made less unforced errors. That was his choice of tactics - I'm not sure if it was the right one."


Keeping up his good form on clay, and still to drop a set, Roger clearly showed the better performance against Verdasco. Their first encounter had been three years ago in Hamburg, where the Spaniard had his right foot taped after taking a 3-2 lead in the second set and didn't win another game.


Roger will face Nicolas Kiefer or Andres Seppi in the semi-finals.

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05/17/2008 | 05:28 PM
This match is more like a ping pong match than a "lawn tennis" match.
05/17/2008 | 05:27 PM
Roger is probably watching this match, his feet on the coffee table, sipping some cold beverage
05/17/2008 | 05:25 PM
Now, you're getting the idea silvana1. At one time I actually used to kinda like Djokovic until he started his boasting campaign all over the airwaves.

One school of thought is that you have to make your goals public so that you create greater accou
05/17/2008 | 05:19 PM
Rafa kept his serve. Way to go! Vamos, Rafa.

Yes, it's true, J-S-M. I saw Djoko's coach giving advice to him. They have no ethics.
05/17/2008 | 05:19 PM
with emphasis on "try" :-)
I agree Djokovic had better be more modest at times. He is talented, but that doesn't mean he's got to boast about that as he does.
05/17/2008 | 05:18 PM
Silvava1 we are not draging Djerko thru the mud. he does it for himself. We are stating facts with a little bit of fun. No prafinities are used.
Rafa just play an unbelievable game
05/17/2008 | 05:18 PM
Oh at this point I don't care who wins. I just want them to be really tired both physically and mentally.

Is that selfish? Damn straight it is!
05/17/2008 | 05:15 PM
Tilou, I think you're right. Roger doesn't insult his opponents, either. We love great tennis, especially if Roger wins. We cheer for Rafa, but that doesn't mean we have to draw Djokovic "through the mud", even though some of his fans may do the same with
05/17/2008 | 05:15 PM
we should support e jdoker to win this match. 1) rafa will not be able to close the ranking gap on roger.
2) we wanna see roger kick the jdoker's ass in the final!
05/17/2008 | 05:13 PM
Hey Pokah22, you misunderstood my sarcasm about the Djoker. That's why after my "nice" comment I typed in (lol) laugh-out-loud. I don't like Djokovic's attitude any more than you do. In fact, I have been getting some converts who kinda liked him before
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