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Roger sweeps into semis

16.05.2008 | Tennis

Roger cruised into the semifinals of the Hamburg Masters by beating Fernando Verdasco of Spain 6-3, 6-3 today.


"I think I played well today," Roger said. "Fernando is one of those players you have to be always very careful of. He was a little bit more predictable today but made less unforced errors. That was his choice of tactics - I'm not sure if it was the right one."


Keeping up his good form on clay, and still to drop a set, Roger clearly showed the better performance against Verdasco. Their first encounter had been three years ago in Hamburg, where the Spaniard had his right foot taped after taking a 3-2 lead in the second set and didn't win another game.


Roger will face Nicolas Kiefer or Andres Seppi in the semi-finals.

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05/17/2008 | 05:13 PM
Oh Rafa don't be scaring me. You cannot lose this match to that dunderhead!!!! I hope Roger is watching this match as he may have to pile in and clean up this mess. Ha. GO RAFA!!!!!
05/17/2008 | 05:11 PM
Silvava1 you are very dear to try to find excuses for Djerko's behaviors. He certainly comes from a very classless family. But he is not 4 year old.
VAMOS RAFA this match quality is unbelievable for a match where our Roger is not playing!!
05/17/2008 | 05:09 PM
Sensational passing shot!. Rafa just broke. (the fist game of the third set) Vamos, vamos, Nadal. You have bounced back many, many times.
05/17/2008 | 05:08 PM
nadal has broken Djoker in the first game of the 3rd set, sensational point he had there. Go RAFA. Djoker fell like a demented bull, Ha!
05/17/2008 | 05:08 PM
Dear fellow fans,

I think we should avoid getting too rude on Roger's site. I am partly guilty of this myself talking about insulting apes. We are very excited and it is normal. But I think we should cheer Rafa while using proper language on Roger’
05/17/2008 | 05:07 PM
05/17/2008 | 05:05 PM
Silvava1 what nice words u have for ur idol Djoker and I presume ur from Switzerland. well until he grows up, he is still a Djerk
05/17/2008 | 05:01 PM
This is not good, Rafa lost the 2nd set, they r in 4 d third, they will probably be there for 3 hrs, it's past 2hrs already. Rafa has to turn this around, he can't lose to this Djerk, whether he is still a kid or not, they r both kids, 20 and 21, so why n
05/17/2008 | 05:00 PM
Too bad. It's even now.
Rafa, Vamos. You've done that many, many times.
05/17/2008 | 04:59 PM
TERRIBLE!!!Djerko got the 2nd set.
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