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Only one more step to go!

17.05.2008 | Tennis

Roger has reached the final of the Hamburg Masters Series tournament after seeing off Andreas Seppi today: 6-3, 6-1!


It was Roger's 30th match in Hamburg and his 29th victory since 2002. He showed an impressive performance, fighting off all break-points his Italian opponent saw. He never allowed Seppi to settle and having dominated throughout, Roger made a break for the third and final time in the second set to claim the win in 79 minutes.


"It was quite a long first set and I created a lot of opportunities which wore him down for the second," said Roger. "The clay was quite wet and heavy, which meant it was good for the drop shots and Seppi used that tactice with some nice shots."


Our champ has not dropped a set on his way to the final and has yet to play a seeded player. His opponent will be the winner of the show-down between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic - which is bound to be an interesting match! Roger beat Nadal in last year's final, 2-6, 6-2, 6-0, to break the Spaniards 81-match winning streak.

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05/18/2008 | 07:22 PM
Roger, you've played very nicely today too! Everyone can see that you're playing better and better on clay!!!!!! Don't let anything to divert your attention from the French Open! I don't want to say anything abour Nadal1s injury, as i remember there was s
05/18/2008 | 07:21 PM
Roger, it was a good performance despite the loss...I still believe you can win Roland Garros! I am not going to enter into any arguments or disputes regarding Novak's or Rafa's behaviour as I think the most important thing is, no matter what happens on
05/18/2008 | 07:21 PM
The other commentator is Robbie Koenig.
Someone in the guestbook indicated that other players are playing with Roger's feelings and I believe it is true. I think Roger probably got worried for Nadal. This upsets me the most. Roger is so kind.
05/18/2008 | 07:19 PM
No, changed my mind, after Roger i will be rooting for Nalbandian!!!!
05/18/2008 | 07:18 PM
Federer & Nadal are courteous to each other -- they don't hang out together ... i.e. they are not friends. Federer lost because he briefly lost focus in the first set -- and that cost him the match today. He is smart enough to know what went wrong. In fac
05/18/2008 | 07:17 PM
What do you mean not fair blaming him??
He was down, so he faked an injury time out.
If you are a Fedfan, you would know Roger's game is all about the rhythm! How can we let this one go?
I won't, Nadal is a nothing in my book anymore and I will be roo
05/18/2008 | 07:14 PM
hey idol...

Sure it was a disappointing loss... BUT you played really well today. I was looking at the stats, your serves were excellent, you had no double faults, and you had more winners!! And it was not like you ever gave up in the match. You hun
05/18/2008 | 07:13 PM
hey guys, whatever Rafa is used to doing, it's not fair blaming him for the timeout, I mean it was 5-1, Roger must have served it out... He had 2 games to serve!
But I can imagine Nadal doesn't really enjoy this victory, very strange match. I'm even thin
05/18/2008 | 07:12 PM
Oh and I wanted to mention that the commentators were Jason Goodall and the other, I'm not sure. His name sounded like Robin Cowling or something? I dunno.
05/18/2008 | 07:11 PM
dottieh, I hope you're right and our champ saw indeed what a rascal Nadal was.
There is no League of extraordinary gentlemans in tennis today, only Roger, and he should know better now.
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