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Only one more step to go!

17.05.2008 | Tennis

Roger has reached the final of the Hamburg Masters Series tournament after seeing off Andreas Seppi today: 6-3, 6-1!


It was Roger's 30th match in Hamburg and his 29th victory since 2002. He showed an impressive performance, fighting off all break-points his Italian opponent saw. He never allowed Seppi to settle and having dominated throughout, Roger made a break for the third and final time in the second set to claim the win in 79 minutes.


"It was quite a long first set and I created a lot of opportunities which wore him down for the second," said Roger. "The clay was quite wet and heavy, which meant it was good for the drop shots and Seppi used that tactice with some nice shots."


Our champ has not dropped a set on his way to the final and has yet to play a seeded player. His opponent will be the winner of the show-down between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic - which is bound to be an interesting match! Roger beat Nadal in last year's final, 2-6, 6-2, 6-0, to break the Spaniards 81-match winning streak.

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05/18/2008 | 07:11 PM
Tilou, Jeux-set-match and others,

I agree with what you guys are saying about Nadal and his timeout. What total crap! He really knows what he's done: something very cheap and unsportsmanlike. I can't believe. Infact, when Roger was taking the first se
05/18/2008 | 07:10 PM
i was an ordinary thing to watch roger to be beaten from everyone , more than one told u to compensat ur backhand and ur play , i cannot understand how any play won 5 games to 1 , and in the end of set lost it , this must be incrideable for all of us , by
05/18/2008 | 07:10 PM
Posting this opinion again:
I am so disappointed at Nadal. I cannot believe that he was sincere when he looked in so much pain. I just can’t. He looks like he is about to retire and then he runs like a rabbit! I don’t know if he copied this trick from th
05/18/2008 | 07:08 PM
Hi Rogerholics fans
First of all I am not totally crushed that Roger did not win because every match on clay since his bout with mono, has been better.
He won the tie-break in a magnificent way and I think that the Roger we are going to see in the very
05/18/2008 | 07:07 PM
It was Roger's match. He screwed it up by him self. He has not learnt any bloody thing from Monte carlo. 5-1 serving for the set havig the set point and same in the second set. Come on Roger keep up the momentum and pace you gather to beat Rafa. Lets do i
05/18/2008 | 07:06 PM
Nadal notorious for injury time outs when he isn't injured. He has done this to Roger many times. Roger plays by rhythm, other players try to disrupt the this but usually do it on court. Because Nadal takes so much time between points, he gets warned la
05/18/2008 | 07:06 PM
Dear Roger! It was good match. Your tenis was wonderful! Rafa is cheat. In first set he broked your psyche, because you're very sensitive man. In Paris you must spread him. No mercy!! Good luck! Ludmila
05/18/2008 | 07:05 PM
Dearest Roger, in my disappointment I neglected to AGAIN mention Nadal's "medical" timeout - which I had alluded to earlier in my comments.

This definitely turned the match around, and you should look at the replay and maybe make mention of it in an in
05/18/2008 | 07:03 PM
some comments here are so disgusting that I have stopped reading them. we are here for Roger not for some nadal fans who use this site for their cheap publicity.
firstly all the vain talk yesterday by a few wise men who waxed eloquently on nadals sportsm
05/18/2008 | 07:01 PM
Hi to all fedfans, I don't think that it serves us well to behave in a bad way towards Fed just coz he lost when he shouldn't have.
I will be realistic in my way and i think that Fed chances in RG, 3 out of 5 sets are v slim, almost impossible if he face
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