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Only one more step to go!

17.05.2008 | Tennis

Roger has reached the final of the Hamburg Masters Series tournament after seeing off Andreas Seppi today: 6-3, 6-1!


It was Roger's 30th match in Hamburg and his 29th victory since 2002. He showed an impressive performance, fighting off all break-points his Italian opponent saw. He never allowed Seppi to settle and having dominated throughout, Roger made a break for the third and final time in the second set to claim the win in 79 minutes.


"It was quite a long first set and I created a lot of opportunities which wore him down for the second," said Roger. "The clay was quite wet and heavy, which meant it was good for the drop shots and Seppi used that tactice with some nice shots."


Our champ has not dropped a set on his way to the final and has yet to play a seeded player. His opponent will be the winner of the show-down between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic - which is bound to be an interesting match! Roger beat Nadal in last year's final, 2-6, 6-2, 6-0, to break the Spaniards 81-match winning streak.

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05/18/2008 | 06:51 PM
nadal always plays CHEAP. when the tide is against him just to unsettle his opponents the rat that he is uses injury time or sudden locker room visits.
so much so for the nadal praise on this site by a few Federer fans
Nadal is a cheapster and he can ne
05/18/2008 | 06:50 PM
you and others are missing the point completely.
Federer doesn't need to be patted on the shoulder for not having worked on his Nadal complex. It's just been going on too long now, we all see it. He has successfully overcome that same probl
05/18/2008 | 06:50 PM
At least Roger lost in the 3 set game! The situation could be more worse! Roger is giving too many opportunity on his serve game to Nadal. See how many break points he 'awarded' Nadal.
Roger, for now maybe it's impossible for you to beat Nadal or Djokov
05/18/2008 | 06:50 PM
Dear Roger,

I don't know what to say to make you feel any better about today's outcome. I would like to know from the trainer if RN really did have any thing wrong. A trainer can tell right away.

I also noticed that RN was unusually subdued in hi
05/18/2008 | 06:50 PM
I am so sorry for the outcome of this very, very strange match !. But, as the commentators said, you are getting closer and closer to finding out the strategy to win Nadal. Unfortunately, you must try all new tactics during the matches with him- there is
05/18/2008 | 06:49 PM
You let Nadal into your head. You lost concentration when he had an injury time out and it cost you the whole match because you gave him confidence. Its all mental. You have the better game and really should always beat Nadal. I agree that you need to ste
05/18/2008 | 06:49 PM
Roger, this was a heartbreaking match to watch but I appreciate that you fought for it to the end. I applaud Rafa. I saw that he took no joy when he reversed the momentum in the first set. He and Roger have tremendous respect for each other and Rafa u
05/18/2008 | 06:49 PM
It was a good match. I'd say Federer played well but just not enough to beat Nadal. 'Tis cool. He still made the finals and has not been able to defend only 150 points from last year (hey, it could've been alot worse. Mario Ancic took six months off the T
05/18/2008 | 06:48 PM
| kept screaming at the screen "cheats never posper". Nadal delicerately took an injury timeout to throw Roger off his stride. He can't ever again hold his head up high. Nadal knows he used dirty tactics.
We all know Roger is a true gentleman, felt conce
05/18/2008 | 06:47 PM
still furious and seething over nadal faking his injury to break roger's rythym in the 1st set. How does he live with himself, knowing he had to basically cheat?????

Good thing for nada he was on clay.....