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Only one more step to go!

17.05.2008 | Tennis

Roger has reached the final of the Hamburg Masters Series tournament after seeing off Andreas Seppi today: 6-3, 6-1!


It was Roger's 30th match in Hamburg and his 29th victory since 2002. He showed an impressive performance, fighting off all break-points his Italian opponent saw. He never allowed Seppi to settle and having dominated throughout, Roger made a break for the third and final time in the second set to claim the win in 79 minutes.


"It was quite a long first set and I created a lot of opportunities which wore him down for the second," said Roger. "The clay was quite wet and heavy, which meant it was good for the drop shots and Seppi used that tactice with some nice shots."


Our champ has not dropped a set on his way to the final and has yet to play a seeded player. His opponent will be the winner of the show-down between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic - which is bound to be an interesting match! Roger beat Nadal in last year's final, 2-6, 6-2, 6-0, to break the Spaniards 81-match winning streak.

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05/18/2008 | 06:46 PM
i`m so sorry for roger .he played so good the beginning of the sets but something happened with him.i`m sure that he will win the french open.roger you are our champ!!!
05/18/2008 | 06:46 PM
Too bad this time -- hopefully Federer will reach the finals at RG & win Wimbledon thereafter. One step at a time. He needs to be like Sharapova -- unrelenting.

05/18/2008 | 06:45 PM
Hi Jeux-set-match and others,

I have not read all the posts, but I saw that you agreed on Nadal’s suspicious behaviour.

I am so disappointed at Nadal. I cannot believe that he was sincere when he looked in so much pain. I just can’t. He looked li
05/18/2008 | 06:45 PM
My dear Roger, do you know how good you are? Yes, you do. Congratulations on all your wins and losses in Hamburg.
This is your pavement to Roland Garos, my dear. Draw Nadal and all other opponenets in your mind as losers (they are) and through them f
05/18/2008 | 06:43 PM
God bless you ,Roger! Now it's time to catch your breath a bit ,then take a step back and and see the ups and downs.
You're gaining your best shape rapidly, got through a tough tournament before R G.
No doubt, you'll have long discussions with coach
05/18/2008 | 06:39 PM
Nicole is right! Roger played very nicely no matter who won! I think reach the final in every masters series tournament is a very big thing!!!! Roger please concentrate to the French Open which'll be a real marathon!!!! Roger is smiling and he says he fel
05/18/2008 | 06:38 PM
Well, well, well... Roger is returning to his angry mode when he disappeared for whole two years from his good results after beating Sampras in Wimbledon in 2001... He slams his rackets to the floor, smashing balls to stratosphere, very nervous. He contro
05/18/2008 | 06:34 PM
I couldn't have said it better.
Losing to a better player while fighting as hard as you can is one thing. It's honourable.
Losing to a primitive player like Nadal and looking like a little boy who's afraid of the big, bad wolf in the proces
05/18/2008 | 06:34 PM
here we go again... you´re great fans when he´s the winner, but, in a situation like today, many people write like Roger´s enemies. He needs suport not anger comments. I have to say that I saw great tennis this week; Rafa is not a simple player, he´s grea
05/18/2008 | 06:31 PM
I too am sorry for your loss but it is not the end of the world. Rafa knows how to play dirty I see and you are such a different kind of person you would never use these tactics. All you ever do is a clean type win with no nonsense. Don't worry Roger, the