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Roger faces clear defeat

08.06.2008 | Tennis

Roger's quest for a career Grand Slam was again stopped by Rafael Nadal today. The Spaniard showed an extremely strong performance, leaving no doubt who was to take home the title: 1-6, 3-6, 0-6 was the final score.


"I would like to have won more than four games but Rafa has played an incredible tournament and he fully deserves to win," Roger said. "But I'll be back to try again next year and I am looking forward to the rest of this year."


Our star did not find any answers to Rafa's play today. His opponent has probably never played better, although Roger also commited a large number of unforced errors, 35 in total - compared to 31 winners. Nadal had 46 winners – many of them backhands of astonishing pace and accuracy – and made just seven errors. "Rafael was very, very strong," Roger said afterward. "I have to forget this now, look forward and hope for the second half of the year".


And there is plenty to look forward to, indeed. Wimbledon starts in just two weeks time where Roger acts as the defending five-time champion and later he'll go to New York in August trying to win the U.S. for the fifth year in a row.

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06/10/2008 | 09:49 AM
Roger, you played great the entire tournament. Reaching the final is not easy, it's great achievement.
I was a little bit surprised by such an easy loss in the final against Nadal... I hoped for a tougher match, in 5 sets or something... but it doesn't
06/10/2008 | 09:43 AM
"The scoreboard said I lost today, but what the scoreboard doesn’t say is what it is I have found. And over the last 21 years, I have found loyalty. You have pulled for me on court and also in life. I’ve found inspiration. You have willed me to succeed so
06/10/2008 | 09:41 AM
wow it's green that's so great and so refershing
love it so much,well,it's been two day without you and we miss you so much it's the green time see you on grass roger
love you love you love you
06/10/2008 | 09:37 AM
***Hey! To, All Fedfans,
Today we have "Roger Federer The spirit of a champion - Part2" on star sports.
C'mon Roger....
06/10/2008 | 09:18 AM
You are the greatest sportsman ever to have walked this planet. We, fans of you, will hold this belief till eternity, no matter what ..
No denying that Rafael completely annihilated you on center court, but it takes a lot to accept the defeat tha
06/10/2008 | 09:17 AM
06/10/2008 | 09:00 AM
As your loyal fan for so many years, I'd say I am disappointed. Not because of the defeat, it was the fighting spirit that was not with you. The sheer determination to win was not there. You don't have self believe when you fight with Rafal. And that's su
06/10/2008 | 09:00 AM

The best player doesn't always win...

The best player is the player who have the best demeanor in winning and in defeat...

You are great when you win but you are greater in your acceptance of defeat!!

06/10/2008 | 08:47 AM
Dear Roger:

I believe in you, I think you can beat this moment because you are one of the best.
You are my inspiration and the main reason to start to play tennis to my 34 years, if i can learn to play, you can fight to continue the number one and imp
06/10/2008 | 08:45 AM
Hi Roger,
Don't get too discouraged. We enjoyed seeing you played.

have a great grass court season. and can't wait to see you in Wimbledon.

Best of luck!