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Roger faces clear defeat

08.06.2008 | Tennis

Roger's quest for a career Grand Slam was again stopped by Rafael Nadal today. The Spaniard showed an extremely strong performance, leaving no doubt who was to take home the title: 1-6, 3-6, 0-6 was the final score.


"I would like to have won more than four games but Rafa has played an incredible tournament and he fully deserves to win," Roger said. "But I'll be back to try again next year and I am looking forward to the rest of this year."


Our star did not find any answers to Rafa's play today. His opponent has probably never played better, although Roger also commited a large number of unforced errors, 35 in total - compared to 31 winners. Nadal had 46 winners – many of them backhands of astonishing pace and accuracy – and made just seven errors. "Rafael was very, very strong," Roger said afterward. "I have to forget this now, look forward and hope for the second half of the year".


And there is plenty to look forward to, indeed. Wimbledon starts in just two weeks time where Roger acts as the defending five-time champion and later he'll go to New York in August trying to win the U.S. for the fifth year in a row.

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06/11/2008 | 10:13 AM
Hi Roger,
Additional to my previous comments,i'd like to add few wrds here for ur reference,maybe it's not very professional but is from my long-term observation of ur games as well as the same from my favor pals who love u and tennis so much,for ur RG t
06/11/2008 | 09:54 AM
Dear Roger, you must be feeling so disappointed to have been so thoroughly defeated, but I know that you will move on and look forward to better times. Nadal was just too good. Dont let the loss make you lose confidence, and don't pay too much attention
06/11/2008 | 08:44 AM
I thought Roger, you were not sure about your strategy and looked confused. You are an attacking player with an intent to convert every oppurtunity to force a win. But now days you tend to be defensive and play a waiting game. I think you should reassess
06/11/2008 | 06:21 AM
Hello Roger !

I am delighted that you are playing already... and happy the "red season" is finally over. Ah! green grass !!!

I wish you a very good tourment in Halle, I mean the best. Enjoy, but be careful with all the players. As you said, "They
06/11/2008 | 06:12 AM
hi dear time has been changed but i wil never change 4 u u r the best just remeber one thing u r the king n u wil be of this open era now grass is totally urs now go n grab it this another wimbledon is again urs
all the best the upcoming wimbledon 2008 c
06/11/2008 | 04:09 AM
To TriniMum127 - p. 54

Your post expresses almost my exact concerns regarding Roger's tennis.

Also, I don't believe he has a major mental block over playing Nadal, and I don't believe he hasn't practiced enough. I 've seen those last two criticis
06/11/2008 | 04:07 AM
Refspin (pg. 55), I couldn't agree with you more about Roger's and Rafa's head-to-head matches. Roger is way better on clay, than Rafa is on any other surface.

Roger, you don't need to feel sad about this loss; everyone has their bad days.
06/11/2008 | 03:44 AM
u are an all round player, u make tennis interesting to watch, I feel lucky to witness this in my era.. U were not ur'self, i can tell from the results .. listen to ur'self .. chek out the movie `Peaceful Warrior' or read `The Power of Now' ..
06/11/2008 | 03:35 AM
Hi Roger,

I feel sorry about what happened. Maybe it was just not your day. =( Even you didn't win the clay season, we all know that you're number one, the BEST player ever! Erase everything that happened that day, you need to keep on your mind that no
06/11/2008 | 03:19 AM
Roger, you are still the best! You only need to get your confidence back. As for Nadal, in my opinion he is only in your head. Get him out of your head and you will beat him on clay as well. I know that it is easier said then done, but you can do it!
I w
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