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Roger faces clear defeat

08.06.2008 | Tennis

Roger's quest for a career Grand Slam was again stopped by Rafael Nadal today. The Spaniard showed an extremely strong performance, leaving no doubt who was to take home the title: 1-6, 3-6, 0-6 was the final score.


"I would like to have won more than four games but Rafa has played an incredible tournament and he fully deserves to win," Roger said. "But I'll be back to try again next year and I am looking forward to the rest of this year."


Our star did not find any answers to Rafa's play today. His opponent has probably never played better, although Roger also commited a large number of unforced errors, 35 in total - compared to 31 winners. Nadal had 46 winners – many of them backhands of astonishing pace and accuracy – and made just seven errors. "Rafael was very, very strong," Roger said afterward. "I have to forget this now, look forward and hope for the second half of the year".


And there is plenty to look forward to, indeed. Wimbledon starts in just two weeks time where Roger acts as the defending five-time champion and later he'll go to New York in August trying to win the U.S. for the fifth year in a row.

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06/10/2008 | 09:25 PM
hey...it doesnt matter u lost.it was kind of a terrible loss but you are still the best and im pretty sure you can do it on clay...as u said.:)...well its rlly good grass season starts now so that u can get back ur confidence becasue there is nobody as go
06/10/2008 | 08:45 PM
I hope good luck to you next year
YOU always the best in my eyes and all of us
06/10/2008 | 08:03 PM
Dear Roger, I felt with you but I am certain that next year you will full fill the "grand-slam" goal. This year for you has been plagued of illness and I pray that you regain your health for your own well-being. God bless you and hope you recuperate 110%
06/10/2008 | 07:17 PM
Roger-My heart breaks for you but I think that you play better whn it isnt so hot-I am worried about your health for i too had mono and it is a disease where you need rest to recover-please go to a specialist and get checked out-in the states the mayo cli
06/10/2008 | 06:41 PM
Mitz - Thanks for those words, that was really kind.

Well time has moved on. Roger is playing tomorrow. Let's send him collective good luck.

06/10/2008 | 06:35 PM
We are not trying to turn this webpage into a spanish one. It is always nice to read posts in spanish from people outside Spain. This is an excellent way to improve our skills in english, spanish or whatever!!! There are people here from all over the worl
06/10/2008 | 06:33 PM
I agree with marycorbin and others about Borg's remarks. He is hitting Roger below the belt when he is most vulnerable. VERY, very unkind and uncalled for.

I hesitate to put this out there, but here goes:
What's your opinion of Roger playing in Halle
06/10/2008 | 06:06 PM
Forget the FO(I mean myself? I will try to), and looking forward to Wimbledon! Definitely!
It's great to hear that Roger has a positive mindset on it. I will, too!
So, play well in Halle and Wimbledon for the grass season. And for sure, the second half
06/10/2008 | 05:58 PM

Hello Fans of Roger:

I was just reading 'RAFAEL-NADAL' last post.

Apparently, it is literally his/her last post. Good for him/her. Quite a commotion he/she caused!

I believe that that guy/girl is too smart to be wasting his/her intelligence wr
06/10/2008 | 05:34 PM
It's ok Roger, Nadal was playing really good from the very first day he started playing in RG. Wish you all the best for the next part of the season, take care & see you soon.

Lana -oxxo-
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