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Second title without dropping serve

16.06.2008 | Tennis

Roger not only celebrated his fifth victory in Halle and his 55th career ATP title yesterday, but also his second tournament victory without dropping serve! He held his serve 49 games in total. The first time had been in Doha in 2005 Doha with 43 games.


This was Roger’s comment after the match: “I guess once you take the decision to commit and come somewhere, you hope for a good week. But there is never a guarantee. I was just hoping not to have a bad tournament in the first couple of rounds and then look back on maybe four days. It would have been really tough for me loosing on grass again for the first time and having just lost in Paris the final. It would have been a rough few days not having gotten through to the semis or finals. For this reason, I am really excited the way I played, never dropped a service game throughout the week. I think the first time in my career I achieved such a thing by winning a title. So, I couldn’t be more happy. I beat quality players and also my level of play was very good. So, I’m really pleased with my performance.”

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06/17/2008 | 04:11 AM
Congratulations roger
Good luck
06/17/2008 | 03:18 AM
Sheleo Page 11
I agree with you. As a tennis player myself,during a match I would never query an umpire re a line call whatever as one wants to keep one's concentration/rhythm. This is learnt through experience.

If you have not done so, try a
06/17/2008 | 03:14 AM
Hi Roger,

Don't let Paris get to you. You need to maintain your dominance on grass like you have been doing. Rest up, plenty before the Wimbledon. Stay focussed!

Good luck.
06/17/2008 | 03:00 AM
All right, Roger. Good for you winning your 5th victory at Halle, your 55th career ATP title, your 10th consecutive grass court title, and your 2nd tournament win without dropping serve. YOU ARE AMAZING and so beautiful to watch...for sure...
06/17/2008 | 01:20 AM

I have sent you a letter re seeding in Wimbledon. Please let me know if that's what you wanted.

06/17/2008 | 12:58 AM
Hi Lucky-Lady and others, from what I’ve read, “various sports organizations have developed testing and enforcement procedures to prevent athletes from using performance-enhancing drugs, and penalized athletes caught using these drugs.”

I read somewher
06/17/2008 | 12:22 AM
Re: your question ‘Does anyone know if tennis players get tested for drugs and if they do how often?’

You can find some information on the ITF site

maybe the more interesting part is:
06/17/2008 | 12:17 AM
It's important for players to serve within a specified time interval, but I suppose if the players have had a long rally, and they take 20 seconds more to serve on the next point, then I suppose it is empire's decision to warn or not. Sometimes the extra
06/17/2008 | 12:04 AM
***JEUX-SET-MATCH***Very good question! Officially, I do not know the reason. However, having played competitive tennis when I was younger, I know that I and other players did not complain because even stopping to do that would break our rhythm. For ex
06/17/2008 | 12:04 AM
Yes the players are tested on and off the courts I mean during tournments and also at random during the year. I had found an article few weeks ago and if I can find it again I will post the link.