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Gerry Weber Open - webnews

17.06.2008 | Tennis

Federer wins 10th grass-court title (Chicago Tribune)


Roger Federer beat Philipp Kohlschreiber 6-3, 6-4 in Sunday's Gerry Weber Open final in Halle, Germany, for his 10th title on grass.


The victory matches Pete Sampras' Open era record of 10 grass-court titles and pushed the top-ranked Swiss star's unbeaten streak on grass to 59 matches.


Federer sailed through the Wimbledon warmup tournament without dropping a set or his serve.



For Federer, grass proves greener (Boston Herald)


Roger Federer just wanted to survive a couple of rounds at the Gerry Weber Open after his painful French Open final loss.


The top-ranked Swiss did much more, beating Philipp Kohlschreiber 6-3, 6-4 in yesterday’s final in Halle, Germany, for his 10th grass title. That matches Pete Sampras’ Open era record of 10 grass-court titles and takes his unbeaten streak on grass to 59 matches.


To further boost his confidence, Federer sailed through the Wimbledon warmup tournament without dropping a set or his serve.




Federer breezes to title in Halle (The Guardian)


Just as the sporting community was preparing to write off Roger Federer, the best tennis player in the world has bounced back to announce that he will not be quite the pushover at Wimbledon that some may have expected after his drubbing in the French Open final eight days ago.


Federer picked up his fifth Gerry Weber Open title yesterday, beating Philipp Kohlschreiber 6-3, 6-4 in the final. It was a performance that showed the Swiss has lost nothing of his ability to raise his level on the crucial points and that the forehand that let him down against Rafael Nadal in Paris is working well again.


Martina Navratilova used to say of all the records she broke that, if you play for long enough, the records will tumble by themselves but, still seven weeks short of his 27th birthday, Federer has notched up his 55th career title and equalled Pete Sampras's open era record of 10 on grass.


"I didn't know about Sampras's total," said Federer after his success. "It's nice, because there are some players who never win titles on grass, Tim Henman never won one, so it's quite an achievement to be already at 10 but I need to look at the bigger picture and that's Wimbledon now."




Federer captures his fifth Halle title (The Sports Network)


World No. 1 Roger Federer continued his dominance in Halle by dropping unseeded Philipp Kohlschreiber in Sunday's final at the $1.12 million Gerry Weber Open, a grass-court Wimbledon tuneup.


The Swiss Federer handled unseeded Kohlschreiber 6-3, 6-4 to capture his 25th straight match win at this event. The top-seeded Federer also improved his Open Era record winning streak on grass to 59 matches. The Swiss hasn't lost on grass since suffering a first-round setback at the hands of Croat Mario Ancic at Wimbledon back in 2002. Federer skipped this Halle event last year after capturing the title four years in a row, from 2003-06.

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06/18/2008 | 11:33 PM

In case you're interested in a long article - a sports forum by Christopher Clarey:


Read the comments too; the 7th one is by Clarey himself.

It's just a mix b
06/18/2008 | 11:31 PM
Regarding Roger's weight. I dont know if you remember hearing JMac during RG saying that He had touched Roger shoulder (lucky him) and he was so surprised how hard it was. All muscles. This could explain the weight even though Roger looks so thin.
06/18/2008 | 11:24 PM
Hi Trinimum,

I just watched the Wimbledon 2003 SF Federer-Roddick last evening. As you say, there was a lot of praise of Peter Lundgren by Lloyd. He praised him as a great strategist. They all looked so happy out there: Peter Lundgren, Mirka, Roger
06/18/2008 | 11:12 PM
I am just sure that Roger has been in touch with Tiger Woods to congratulate him. They do a lot of texting back and forth. You know those two are really quite alike inasmuch as they are both respected champions in their respective sports. Now Tiger is fac
06/18/2008 | 11:02 PM
Agree with RainbowYH and rave (follows)

“I have a healthy respect for the golf commentators and writers. Nobody shreded Phil Mickelson to pieces when he did not play well and said he would be back next year. In Tennis, there would have been a feeding
06/18/2008 | 10:54 PM
D-jerk is trying to get in Roger's head, but I think these classless and obnoxious words will have the opposite effect on Roger.

Poor Djerk, hanging out with the Mayor, angling for publicity and trying so hard to be accepted and liked...

The English
06/18/2008 | 10:37 PM
In case you need the link of article about Djoker, it also is:

I agree with some of the posts that winning ONE grand slam doesn't mean you are in the same league as Roger. Do you think Thomas Johannson or
06/18/2008 | 10:36 PM
Hi, Jamie17, Yanastd & other Rogerholics:

I wouldn't let the Djoker get to me as our energy is better spent on thinking about the beauty that Roger represents and the joy he brings us.

The Djoker is trying hard to sell Djokovic as a brand. He and h
06/18/2008 | 10:34 PM
Since Djoko is the 3rd wheel and think I need to say something stupid (we know nothing smart can come out of htis big mouth) so the media starts talking about him. He's been forgotten soudainly poor Djoko! He should ask his mom to give some interviews to
06/18/2008 | 10:27 PM

Thanks for the link to the Djoke’s words. He doesn’t get any smarter, does he?

Someone should ask Djoko how much his confidence was shaken when he lost to Kevin Anderson in his first match in Miami. Then, he was complaining that it was ve