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Roger, three questions

20.03.2007 | Tennis

You once said that you’d like to be a musician, performing in front of a huge crowd in a stadium. What kind of artist would you like to be?


Rockstar, I guess. I’d like to be Lenny Kravitz… I saw him live in Paris and was touched by the way he interacted with the audience and how the fans reacted, I loved it. I’d really like to experience that once. Or I’d like to be a soccer star. I don’t think you can beat the feeling of playing live in front of a crowd that size. These are moments we all dream of. I am very lucky to be able to live my dream in tennis.



Roger, you are receiving large amounts of praise and awards. Don’t you sometimes feel that it is all a bit too much?


I guess I have merited the praise, but I do sometimes wish people would give me some more time and say: okay, you’re doing a great job, all these records and so on, but let’s wait until the end of your career and see if you were really the best looking back from that point – or if you even get close. I don’t play to break records, I play to win. I’m not surprised people talk about it, but I do occasionally think it is too much for me.



One of your next goals is certainly winning the Grand Slam. Would it be a failure if you didn’t make it?


No, no way. I think what people really want to see me do is win the French Open. They’ve more or less seen all the rest, I think. It’s obvious, if I were able to choose, I’d go for the French Open, but the most emotional and best title to me will always be Wimbledon.

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