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End of 2016 season

26.07.2016 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Dear Fans,


I’m extremely disappointed to announce that I will not be able to represent Switzerland at the Olympic Games in Rio and that I will also miss the remainder of the season. Considering all options after consulting with my doctors and my team, I have made the very difficult decision to call an end to my 2016 season as I need more extensive rehabilitation following my knee surgery earlier this year. The doctors advised that if I want to play on the ATP World Tour injury free for another few years, as I intend to do, I must give both my knee and body the proper time to fully recover. It is tough to miss the rest of the year. However, the silver lining is that this experience has made me realize how lucky I have been throughout my career with very few injuries. The love I have for tennis, the competition, tournaments and of course you, the fans remains intact. I am as motivated as ever and plan to put all my energy towards coming back strong, healthy and in shape to play attacking tennis in 2017.


Thanks for your continued support.



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07/26/2016 | 08:26 PM
Extremely sad I will not see you at the US Open but I am glad that you are listening to your body and your team. Hope to see you so soon Champ. We will always be here, supporting you and cheering you on. :)
07/26/2016 | 08:25 PM
Oh Roger I feel so desperately sad for you. Another incredibly difficult decision to make, specially with all the hopes and dreams you have cherished for the coming Olympic Games. Will miss you loads, but it will be worth it if you can return fit and strong in 2017 and thrill us with your skill for a few more years. Take care of yourself & stay in touch xx
07/26/2016 | 08:20 PM
Dear Roger knowing how much you love and want to play your tennis it's a very brave decision to skip the rest of the year, I trust your judgement completely and totally uderstand your reasons. I look forward to seeing you in 2017 fit and healthy and ready for a wonderful 2017.

Of course we will miss seeing you, also Mirka and the children together with your team in the players box and wish you all the very best.


Of course
07/26/2016 | 08:19 PM
"I am as motivated as ever and plan to put all my energy towards coming back strong, healthy and in shape to play attacking tennis in 2017."

That works for me, Rog! Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. Tennis isn't the same without you.
07/26/2016 | 08:15 PM
Noooooooooo!. I am so glad that I got to see you last year at the US Open. I hope you will be back next year. Wishing you fully recovery from the knee issue and get rest. There is no Tennis without the amazing RF.
07/26/2016 | 08:15 PM
You are the king
You are the best
You are Swiss gloury
And we all really love you and support you.
But it's time to stop playing tennis, my hero please think wisely
Non of your super fan like me never like to see your loss and injury.
I wish you stopped tennis after Wimbledon 2012, when you won your last GS and became world number one.
We always respect and love you
07/26/2016 | 08:14 PM
Roger this is not the time for being negative but a time for reflection and being positive for the future. I know when you come back your resolve and fight will be even greater! You will always be my favourite player regardless of what happens. I look forward to your return and am sure it will be a positive one. My best to you, your family and your team!!! Hopefully disappointment will be replaced by joy.
07/26/2016 | 08:13 PM
M6 dearest, about a year ago I was sooooo happy for buying tickets for Olympic tennis!!!! Now, tell me, how could I go?????? Sooooo sad, you could have won more than one gold ... Now, the Olympics lost its shine!!!! Good bye Rio!!!!
07/26/2016 | 08:10 PM
Hallo Roger.

I can not believe you've brought this decision. I am so sad and disappointed that I have no words. Tennis has no meaning anymore. How can this game survive without you?! That means that some runner like Novak will win everything possible till the end of the season?! O, my God!!! Get well. I am so sad.
07/26/2016 | 08:08 PM
Its an excellent decision, I always thought the would call it a day by the end of 2018, so this means he has four slams, Two Wimbledons and Two US Opens to win his 18th, which with the latter quick fast changes in New York and the natural grass surface, this rehab period will enable him to come back...I still think he can win another slam before its over...
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