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17 days before the start of the Olympics

21.07.2008 | Tennis

Just 17 days to go until the Olympics in Beijing. With the participation of 17 of the top 20 men and 18 of the top 20 women, the 2008 Olympic tennis tournament will certainly be an event not to be missed from 10 to 17 August on the courts of the new Olympic Tennis Centre in Beijing.


Roger will lead the strongest field ever to enter the Olympic tennis event since tennis returned as a full medal sport in Seoul in 1988. All five of the top men will compete in Beijing, and seven of the top ten women.


Tennis is an Olympic sport since the first modern Olympic Games took place in Athens, Greece in 1896. Tennis was dropped from the Olympic programme after 1924 amid turmoil over such issues as where to draw the line between amateurism and professionalism, and it didn't return as a medal sport until 1988. Today, Olympic competition includes men's and women's singles and men's and women's doubles.


The Olympic Green Tennis Court is one of the new venues in Beijing. The flower-shaped Tennis Center is meticulously designed for natural ventilation to ensure the quality of the competitions for athletes and spectators.The venue has a capacity of 17400 seats, including 10000 seats in the main court. This year, the Olympic tennis and Paralympic wheelchair tennis competitions will be held at the Center.


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07/24/2008 | 05:18 AM
Roger - start practising hitting double handed backhand - its much safer. This will reduce your back hand errs as well as you do not have to hit special forehands to avoid hitting lots of backhands

The above may too stupid or a joke kind but Roger nee
07/24/2008 | 05:11 AM
Forget about the "Mono...". Who is still talking about the effect of Mono?

Roger is going down, and he really needs a NEW coach. Not Jose!!

It's getting worse.
07/24/2008 | 05:08 AM
I just returned after watching the match. I feel sorrow and saddeness for Roger not for the loss. Roger was very sad when he left the court. He was also frustrated during the match and showed it. I also saw Mirka and Jose. She was cheering for him es
07/24/2008 | 05:08 AM
Forget about the "Mono...". Who is still talking about the effect of Mono?

Roger is going down, and he really needs a NEW coach. Not Jose!!
07/24/2008 | 04:58 AM
Takeko, I really enjoyed reading your post as it was so to the point. You are doing some straight thinking and I hope everyone who loves Roger will think along the same lines. Roger is not through by a long shot as you so well detailed the others. I do wi
07/24/2008 | 04:54 AM
***Tilou...what about watching Fed in Doubles? Hope you would give him some support there....yeah you guys are right...he has given us beautiful tennis and he definitely has a LOT more to give!! Despite some comments in here, I'm sure Roger plays to win
07/24/2008 | 04:53 AM
Lieber Roger,

We are all devastated but have all the faith in the world that you will bounce back. I suppose we took this loss so hard because we were waiting to see how the Wimby final affected you in general. Even if you do eventually lose your #1
07/24/2008 | 04:50 AM
*** Trinimum,
Jose was with Roger in Estoril. I don't think Jose has anything to do with Roger's losses. The losses obviously started before Jose got involved. Roger and Jose hardly had a chance to work together yet. This may give them a chance to st
07/24/2008 | 04:49 AM
oh my dear roger:

what a night it was, i feel so bad not becouse u lost, becouse of how u must feel. i will always love u and ur game, there is nobody out there can hold the racket like u, there is nobody out there can have smoth move like u and there
07/24/2008 | 04:44 AM
"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" ('stranger' if you go by the last batman -- the dark knight).

Wimby loss was tough but we bore it well, and compared to that, this is something Federer will shrug off quickly.