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Roger to lead Switzerland

01.08.2008 | Tennis

One of the athletes of each country has the honour of carrying the national flag during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. This year it will be Roger to head the Swiss delegation into the stadium! After having marched in front of the nation’s group in Athens four years ago he will have the privilege to do so again on August 08 in Beijing – a fantastic birthday present for our champion!


“It is a true honour for me to lead the Swiss athletes into the stadium, carrying the Swiss flag. I have had the privilege to experience many wonderful things; the Olympics are and will always be one of the best. So I am really looking forward to those moments - of course also since this is one of the most wonderful birthday presents I could possibly wish for.


During my first Olympics in Sydney 2000 I had the opportunity to attend competitions in swimming and badminton. Those are great, lasting memories. Four years ago my schedule didn’t allow following any other tournaments. This year I would love to see some basketball-action with the American ‘Dream Team’.


I am certainly looking forward to these Games enormously in many different respects.”



So far 36 female and 48 male Swiss athletes have qualified for Beijing. They represent the following sports: tennis, athletics, shooting, fencing, cycling, mountainbiking, judo, swimming, sailing, triathlon, rowing, gymnastics, badminton, riding, canoeing, pentathlon, taekwondo, archery and beach volleyball. The Swiss won five medals at the Olympic Summer Games in Athens 2004 and nine in Sydney 2000. And of course we are hoping for a good result in China as well! The Olympic Stadium was, after all, designed by the Swiss star-architects Herzog & de Meuron.



PS: August 01 is the Swiss national holiday!


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08/07/2008 | 05:19 AM
Dear Roger,

We are all so proud of you! What a wonderful birthday present to be able to carry your countrys flag in the opening ceremony! Know that we are right there with you in spirit and will be in your corner all the way! May God bless you on yo
08/07/2008 | 04:49 AM
Dear Roger,
It is my honor to see you holding the national flag, too. And, cause it's near your birthday, and I want to say to you: Happy Birthday!
Best Wishes,
08/07/2008 | 04:47 AM

"a very big bowl of ice cream with a lot of dark choco swiss sprinkles !!"

Now that's prescription I can live with!!!
08/07/2008 | 04:42 AM
What a glorious birthday gift (p. 57). Superb visuals in your poetry. I could see what you saw. Thanks. Look forward to more.
08/07/2008 | 04:29 AM
No doubt you're a fan and admirer of Federer but like TriniMum127 said, "lighten up". Take a chill pill, dude. Whatever Roger does or doesn't accomplish in Beijing is not the end of the world. He has a lot to work through and if anyone
08/07/2008 | 04:29 AM

OK you are in need of a very big bowl of ice cream with a lot of dark choco swiss sprinkles !!
You'll see you will feel better.
You have to trust Roger and just love him no matter what. We all have ups and downs in our lives, we just don
08/07/2008 | 04:25 AM

Dear fans,

Red Envelope to US Open

Since August is here , lets all get ready for some ROCK -n ROLL tennis @ the USO!!!
Once again I have been picked to the courier for the USO. It is a honor an
08/07/2008 | 04:04 AM
***alljaa P.57
Stunning verse you have created for Roger, thank you.

***angellT P.53
Great post about Roger's sensitivity. You are right, that through reading books etc. about him it helps us to understand his thoughts & feelings, which makes us fe
08/07/2008 | 04:04 AM
I see ***babylilac, our "gloom and doom" prophet is back. Lighten up, man. "It's not the end of the world" (to quote Roger).
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