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Olympic dream is over

14.08.2008 | Tennis

Roger's bid for his first Olympic singles medal ended today when he lost to James Blake of the United States. Our star was eliminated in the quarter-finals 4-6, 6-7(2).


The match began after a rain delay of 3 hours, 35 minutes, and Roger seemed off his game from the start. His forehand was unreliable and he repeatedly struggled to hold serve. Blake earned the first break in the final game of the opening set. On set point, Roger left his feet for a spectacular backhand save that extended the rally, but with his next shot he floated an easy backhand into the net. His shoulders sagging, he was broken again two games later and fell behind 3-0 in the second set. Our champion finally showed life by breaking back in the fifth game and holding the rest of the way to reach 6-all. But Blake played a flawless tiebreaker, while Roger made two unforced errors and popped up a volley.


Roger is seeking his first Olympic medal after losing in the singles semi-finals in Sydney and in the second round in Athens. He was scheduled to play a quarter-final doubles match later today with Stan.

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08/15/2008 | 08:04 PM
Please Roger don't put yourself on stress it is not the end
Come back..you are mentally unstaible you must know that you are the best you must have more self confidence

you beat yourself with these bad thoughts in your head..pleeeeaaaaaaasssssseee
08/15/2008 | 07:54 PM
the legends get sick but they never die
08/15/2008 | 07:54 PM
Dear Roger,

I am so sorry about your loss to Blake. If anyone deserves a gold medal in the singles then it is you. However, I and all your other fans will always be here to love and support you. You will always be our No.1, the GOAT. Take care.

08/15/2008 | 07:37 PM
Hey champ don't worry for the Olimpic games.
Now you have the US Open

GO ROGER FEDERER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
08/15/2008 | 07:37 PM
this is one of the sadest days for me ,roger is out no gold medal and nadal in the final wich he is gonna win the gold and on top of that he will be n #1. i dont know what is happening to roger ,i mean blake ,come on .it seems like every guy that u use to
08/15/2008 | 07:19 PM
you will return at 2009
08/15/2008 | 07:19 PM
Dear Roger
I must admit, I was quite devastated yesterday when Blake won the match because it was the first Olympics match of yours I was able to watch on TV. However, I realized today that my depression was wasted, because you would never know anyway.
08/15/2008 | 07:10 PM
Hi Roger.I'm so sad you have lost.Your start was so good in the Olympic.I couldn't watch your match But as I said before you don't have anything to lose.You should be ready for US Open.recall your pefect matches in last years.You can be the No.1 again if
08/15/2008 | 07:03 PM
I'm soooo sad...I have to say! But I hope that you won't loose your self-confidence!!! Just believe that you're still the best...JUST BELIEVE!!!
Love you***
08/15/2008 | 06:46 PM
im so sorry roger, but its ok, ut still in the doubles and we know where ur going to go with that!!