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Roger to play Davis Cup

16.08.2008 | Tennis

Roger explained in Beijing today that he will not only be helping Switzerland in the World Group Play-offs of the Davis Cup against Belgium (September 19 - 21 in Lausanne, Switzerland) but also in the first round of 2009.


He has not quite made all his plans for the coming season but says that "In general next year will certainly be easier. I will certainly join the team for the first round."


In order to focus fully on his singles career Roger has had to skip the first round of the season since 2005. Up until 2007 the Swiss then went on to lose and had to play the relegation, where Roger then helped out.

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08/22/2008 | 04:18 AM
08/22/2008 | 03:42 AM
Wilson in response to rafanatic,
Very well said and I agree 100%. Nothing will ever change our admiration and love for Roger, nothing, no numbers, no compliments, nothing.
08/22/2008 | 03:41 AM
***Shell*** P.22
Many thanks for the link http://atptennis.com/en/players/gallery/?Event=federer1
There are so many fantastic photos of Roger & just love the one of him holding the trophy from last years USO. White jacket & black shirt, he looks adora
08/22/2008 | 03:23 AM
I agree 100% with you. I have never watched Nada play and will not. I cannot stomach his tennis, manners, 'killer' look, fist pumping for every single point, etc. etc. etc.

One can think what they want, but to put such negative and u
08/22/2008 | 03:11 AM
Hey Guys,
Thanks for the clarification regarding "Davis Cup". Here I thought it was about Ann B Davis, who played "Alice" on the Brady Bunch.

The Brady Bunch had to find a cup that was big enough to serve all six kids and three adults. Alice found o
08/22/2008 | 01:53 AM
Attention everyone: the US Open draw is out. Roger is now #2, and faces a difficult draw. His half includes Djoke, Tipso, Roddick, Gonzo, Tsonga, Cilic, Andreev, Stepanek, Gasquet. Nadal's half is not as difficult.

It will take Roger reverting to 2006
08/22/2008 | 01:24 AM

Well done on Olympic Gold and I wish you all the luck in the world for the US Open - you deserve all the success possible. You've had a rotten year due to many factors but the one thing you are talking about which has appeared in many interviews is
08/22/2008 | 01:11 AM
Hello All

Re the Davis Cup-I shall write and post details [of the cup]over the week-end as am off to work now
To answer the question re Roger and the Davis Cup--Switzerland for 2008 are not in the Elite Group to win the cup-- this all requires explai
08/22/2008 | 01:10 AM
***Tilou***Oh, that's right-- forgot to mention Djoko's "sore throat" as his reason for retirement at Monte Carlo after his parents screamed and embarrassed him and he was losing anyway! I have no idea why I blocked that one out already!

So, Davis is
08/22/2008 | 12:58 AM
Hey guys,

For the USO, Safin and Tsonga are in the same quarter as Djoko. Could be interesting.
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