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Roger to play Davis Cup

16.08.2008 | Tennis

Roger explained in Beijing today that he will not only be helping Switzerland in the World Group Play-offs of the Davis Cup against Belgium (September 19 - 21 in Lausanne, Switzerland) but also in the first round of 2009.


He has not quite made all his plans for the coming season but says that "In general next year will certainly be easier. I will certainly join the team for the first round."


In order to focus fully on his singles career Roger has had to skip the first round of the season since 2005. Up until 2007 the Swiss then went on to lose and had to play the relegation, where Roger then helped out.

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08/21/2008 | 10:29 PM

‘Fac ut gaudeam’ Translation: ‘Make my day’
08/21/2008 | 10:24 PM
**Hey Tilou,

Two friends of mine attended a Conference (work) in Québec last week and dined in a ‘Swiss’ restaurant one evening. They said they ‘thought’ about me… humnnn … I wonder why? he he he he!!!!!!!

I like it!
08/21/2008 | 10:08 PM
Hiiiii Rogeiro

I think that you are the better play tennis, for me you are the number one forever,

I love you,

Go Rogeiro you have play for a lot time more, I see that you have one bad moment I bless that finish.

Good luck in Us Open
08/21/2008 | 09:55 PM
***MaryCorbin*** p.25

Thank you so much for sharing excerpts of the that article with us.
Roger's playing Davis Cup.
08/21/2008 | 09:06 PM
08/21/2008 | 08:37 PM
If you like to read some good comments about Roger click on this link from bloomberg.com


08/21/2008 | 08:30 PM
Dear Roger,
i've checked the draws for uso. i gues u 've got a relatively easy draw until semi. hope to see u lift the trophy again. go Roger Go.
08/21/2008 | 08:27 PM
hi su hnin,
i checked that web site. it 's awesome.
08/21/2008 | 08:17 PM
*** sheleo
Roger beat Djoko the last time they faced each other in Monte Carlo too. Remember.. cough...cough... the sore throat?
08/21/2008 | 08:03 PM
***goroger09wimbledonchamp***Sure, Roger's draw is tough; but, looking at everyone else's draw, the whole draw is tough! There are tons of potential spoilers for everyone. And remember, Rog beat Djoker in last year's final in three! He can do it again