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Highlight of NBC's Olympia coverage

25.08.2008 | Tennis

NBC's coverage of the 2008 Beijing Games concluded Sunday with the Beijing Olympic Closing Ceremony. NBC Olympic primetime host Bob Costas hosted the Closing Ceremony. In this extract, Bob Costas interviewed Jacques Rogge, president of the IOC.


Costas: Last thing, what was your favorite moment of these games?  


Rogge: I have many, but there is one moment that I will never forget and that is the tears of joy of Roger Federer winning the gold medal for the doubles. Here you have the man who is arguably together with Sampras, the best ever tennis player in the world.  He has won everything but the elusive gold medal he did not have. He wanted to go to the Olympic Games at the end of the season, and he won the medal and he was crying. I mean for me, this is the same thing. The spark in the eyes of a Michael Jordan. These are millionaires, these are mega-stars. They win an Olympic medal and there is no money to win in the Olympic games, and you see the sparkle in the eyes, the tears in the eyes, that is the dramatic moments of the games.



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08/26/2008 | 01:56 PM
True that!
08/26/2008 | 01:52 PM
I was shocked when I read that the IOC President singled out Roger’s on court jubilation as his best moment, this shows how people see and love Roger.

I went back to check the poll

Who was your player of the Beijing Olympics?

Rafael Nadal 34%
08/26/2008 | 01:48 PM
the gold medal was the best thing in ur carreer roger .. am soo happy 4 u

i hope u the best in us

i will suport u tel the end of my life

love u - sara - saudi arabia
08/26/2008 | 01:25 PM
Yes, Roger, it was also my favourite moment of the Olympics, cos you could see how much it meant to you and Stan. Sure, many other people won medals, but it was the sheer exuberance you showed by jumping up and down like a kid again, and the happily shed
08/26/2008 | 01:15 PM
that is the truth :)
the best moment of the olympics :D
08/26/2008 | 12:44 PM
Dear Roger!

First of all Congratulations! You made us also very happy! What Rogge said it shows how humble and great person you are. But what I love the most in you that you are a real fighter and you never give up! Although you lost in the singles, bu
08/26/2008 | 11:52 AM
Wow such an emotional speech!!! I still get very emotional thinking of that moment when Roger got that GOLD medal- that smile, those tears of happiness on his face! Gosh...every time i think of it, i start crying!! I will always cherish those moments!
08/26/2008 | 11:50 AM
Dai Rogeeeeeeeer!!!! Spacca tuttoooo!!!!
08/26/2008 | 11:18 AM
Definitely! I am so happy for Roger and Stanislas! Come on Team Fedrinka!
08/26/2008 | 11:13 AM
I've talked to a lot of people and they also state Roger's (and Stan's) gold medal win as one of the best moments.
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