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Highlight of NBC's Olympia coverage

25.08.2008 | Tennis

NBC's coverage of the 2008 Beijing Games concluded Sunday with the Beijing Olympic Closing Ceremony. NBC Olympic primetime host Bob Costas hosted the Closing Ceremony. In this extract, Bob Costas interviewed Jacques Rogge, president of the IOC.


Costas: Last thing, what was your favorite moment of these games?  


Rogge: I have many, but there is one moment that I will never forget and that is the tears of joy of Roger Federer winning the gold medal for the doubles. Here you have the man who is arguably together with Sampras, the best ever tennis player in the world.  He has won everything but the elusive gold medal he did not have. He wanted to go to the Olympic Games at the end of the season, and he won the medal and he was crying. I mean for me, this is the same thing. The spark in the eyes of a Michael Jordan. These are millionaires, these are mega-stars. They win an Olympic medal and there is no money to win in the Olympic games, and you see the sparkle in the eyes, the tears in the eyes, that is the dramatic moments of the games.



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08/26/2008 | 08:35 AM
This article almost brought tears to my eyes with happiness, how can people with good heart not love and admire you Roger. You are still making history in tennis
08/26/2008 | 08:28 AM
I just love seeing Roger winning with tears in his eyes. It makes me want to cry with him too! He savor every medal every trophy and he shows how important winning a tournament is to him. Love you Roger for what you are. A true champion on and off the cou
08/26/2008 | 08:19 AM
Roger you're the best and the US Open is yours this year, you'll back and no one could stop you....
we love you...
08/26/2008 | 08:19 AM
we are so proud of you, Rog! and you are an extraordinary man, that's why millions of people love and support you
08/26/2008 | 07:44 AM
I will also never forget the moment Roger won the game. I have never seen Roger in such excitement before.
congratulations Roger! Take easy for the coming tournaments don't put too much pressure on yourself.

08/26/2008 | 07:41 AM
Best wish for you!!
08/26/2008 | 07:32 AM
Truly a moment to remember...This is the man who is not afraid to show his emotions to the world...This is the man who has inspired the people of this earth...This is Roger Federer, the man who will win his 5th consecutive US Open title!!!

08/26/2008 | 07:13 AM
***foreverafedfan***Thanks for your explanation-- it makes a lot of sense since I remember that Rog loves to play card games!

***federerworshipper***I too shall be roaming the grounds tomorrow, Desperately Seeking Swiss, Rogie that is. Perhaps we will
08/26/2008 | 06:37 AM
I saw only photos with Roger at the medal ceremony but I was so happy for him.
Good luck Roger. Go get the US Open. For me you are number one!
08/26/2008 | 06:20 AM
Beautiful! Who wouldn't tear up with tears of joy seeing you so happy to get a gold medal for your Switzerland! The highest honor, no doubt. You are in good spirits, Roger! I can't wait to see you play your 1st round match tomorow night session U.S. Open