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Highlight of NBC's Olympia coverage

25.08.2008 | Tennis

NBC's coverage of the 2008 Beijing Games concluded Sunday with the Beijing Olympic Closing Ceremony. NBC Olympic primetime host Bob Costas hosted the Closing Ceremony. In this extract, Bob Costas interviewed Jacques Rogge, president of the IOC.


Costas: Last thing, what was your favorite moment of these games?  


Rogge: I have many, but there is one moment that I will never forget and that is the tears of joy of Roger Federer winning the gold medal for the doubles. Here you have the man who is arguably together with Sampras, the best ever tennis player in the world.  He has won everything but the elusive gold medal he did not have. He wanted to go to the Olympic Games at the end of the season, and he won the medal and he was crying. I mean for me, this is the same thing. The spark in the eyes of a Michael Jordan. These are millionaires, these are mega-stars. They win an Olympic medal and there is no money to win in the Olympic games, and you see the sparkle in the eyes, the tears in the eyes, that is the dramatic moments of the games.



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08/26/2008 | 06:19 AM
Roger, you made me smile and laugh and cry all at once again--as you always used to be able to do--when you won your gold. Please, please, please, I beg you, give me a reason to watch tennis again. It sucks to live in a world where Nadal is no. 1.
08/26/2008 | 06:03 AM
Hi my dear,
This interview says all. We dont need to say anything. Every one appreciates you in what ever you do. That was indeed a memorable moment of ours too. So no matter what you will always be in our heart and will be remembered. I want you to k
08/26/2008 | 05:47 AM
oh roger !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my dearest roger now u understand that everyone is with u and want u to win just go for it we are sitting behind u and will take care of yours my hero.....

GOODLUCK FOR US OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
08/26/2008 | 05:08 AM
we're right, roger. you're simply the best athlete in the world. and now the world is redeeming it.
08/26/2008 | 05:07 AM
Dear Roger and Stan
I also will never forget the moment you received your gold medal at the Olympics - well deserved. I also had tears of joy.
Enjoy US Open, be confident. You are the best tennis player ever.
08/26/2008 | 05:02 AM
Dearest Roger,

How nice of Rogge to say that! There is no athlete so much loved internationally as you!

May God protect you from all the evil forces and the very best of luck for the US Open!

All my love and prayers,
from Japan
08/26/2008 | 04:57 AM
aww, many of us were crying too! It was a beautiful moment seeing you guys on the podium, listening to your lovely anthem. You looked so happy and so proud!
It was the highlight of our games, even if it wasn't everybody elses.
Go Fedrinka!
08/26/2008 | 04:45 AM
Hooray Mr.Jacques!
Among all of the glorious moments of athletes , he chose Roger!
Ahh, I am emotinal again, must stop weeping.
08/26/2008 | 04:43 AM
Hey guys, did anybody hear that Roger was tranning and then he got upset cause he missed a volley and threw the racket? I was shocket to hear that, this is not good...
08/26/2008 | 04:32 AM
I know how much the Olympics mean to you and how much that gold medal means to you. That's why it killed me when you lost against James Blake. But, you and Stan were great doubles partners and i could tell by the look on your face how much that medal mean