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Roger withdraws from Stockholm

01.10.2008 | Tennis

Roger announced today that he will not be participating in the Stockholm Open which starts next Monday.


"2008 has been a tough year for me as I was always playing catch up after being diagnosed with mononucleosis at the beginning of the year. I feel fortunate to be healthy again, but I want to remain at the top of the game for many more years to come and go after the #1 ranking again. In order to do that, I need to get a proper rest and get strong again so that I am 100% fit for the remainder of the year or next year. At this point, I am not sure when I will be ready to play again, but I hope to be back at some point before the end of the year. I apologize to the tennis fans in Sweden as I was looking forward to playing in Stockholm again. The country has produced so many incredible tennis players and the tournament has such a great history.  I hope to be able to come back at some point in the future."


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10/10/2008 | 06:42 AM
**marj69 I’m also in agreement with you...
I have no doubt Roger knows what he's doing. Let’s all be happy he is feeling well and playing again.

"The best is yet to be"--Robert Browny
10/10/2008 | 06:01 AM
***Tilou, p. 35, thanks for pasting in the article announcing Roger's return. I think I am starting to appreciate reading the news in French!

***eeee, I really don't think Nalbandian is a threat right now. Did you see how awful he looked in Davis Cup
10/10/2008 | 05:50 AM
Hi All,

Well, interesting news. I must say, I'm a little surprised Roger is coming back so soon--just because of what is in his message to us on this news thread--but I'm delighted. I get to eat crow--I predicted he wouldn't come back before Basel.
10/10/2008 | 05:24 AM
marj69-You said it well. I hope all the pessimists will just butt out of Roger's decisions and simply wish him well and back him all the way. That is what a fan is supposed to do. Those that post things of this nature are what Roger was talking about when
10/10/2008 | 05:22 AM
*** marj69,

You are right. This is no time to be negative. It is time to celebrate that Roger feels good enough to play in Madrid... and that we will very soon have the joy of seeing him in action!


Best of luck to our champ!

Go Ro
10/10/2008 | 05:03 AM
Guys, it's only Thursday and Roger JUST confirmed that he would play in Madrid. The news came out at 3:15 in the NYT site.
It would be really, really NICE if "some fans" could keep all their negative thoughts and worries to themselves. It is nor kind n
10/10/2008 | 04:32 AM
Dear Roger,

I wish you would write to your fans again so we don't have to spend a lot of time speculating about your future. It is always a pleasure to hear your own words and thoughts and plans.

Hoping to hear from you soon,
10/10/2008 | 04:17 AM
*** eeee****
Why are you so pessimistic and analytical all the time ? you would do me - and perhaps the fans - a great service if you would keep your doubts etc. to yourself. It is depressing. Roger knows better than anyone how he feels and it is HIS
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