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Roger to play Basel

18.10.2008 | Tennis

Dear Fans


I feel a lot better physically and after the last few matches in Madrid, I feel very good and I have decided to play in Basel next week.  It is always special to compete in my home town as it is one of the few weeks during the year that I can spend playing and enjoying the company of my family and friends all at the same time. Meeting old friends and indulging in the past is something I adore - and obviously Basel is the ultimate place for me to do so. And it is, of course, an absolute treat to be playing in front of the Swiss fans.


The tournament in Basel is definitely one of the highlights of the season for me. I am really looking forward to returning and being able to defend my title.


See you soon


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10/20/2008 | 04:37 AM
Bravo Roger! It was a pleasure, a treat to see you play in Madrid. OH! your are so good.
I wish you success in Basel. May you win again.

****astarte****, re: **eeee **, I agree with you 100%. Pretty, pretty annoying and more....
10/20/2008 | 03:48 AM
go, go roger!
good luck!
10/20/2008 | 03:24 AM
You seem very happy about playing this tournament and share time with the people you love, I´m sure that this would be really good for you, the best motivation you could have. Good luck!!!! and remember that after Basel and Paris the Masters Cup is waitin
10/20/2008 | 03:18 AM
Roger, we're sorry about Madrid but you played really well but when your first serve game dropped against Murray, we could see it wasn't going to work out well. That first serve has always led your game. So it wasn't to be this year. But next year in J
10/20/2008 | 02:53 AM
**FedererUSA** and *federerworshipper*:

It's no problem. I'm a generally helpful person and just posted it incase some haven't been in the forum lately.

Take care fellow Rogerholics
Greetings from the USA
10/20/2008 | 02:04 AM
Hi Rog,,
WoooooW i’m sooo proud of you to take this true decision,,,day after day u prove to me how much you have a challenge and positive spirit,,,
GOOD LUCK in Basel,,,
FEDERER say hello to all your family and your friends,,,HAVE A GOOD TIME
10/20/2008 | 02:01 AM
This title is yoursssss!!!!!!!

C´mon Roger-King!!!
10/20/2008 | 01:29 AM
you must to think about what happened to your sport life you lost your rang n 1
where is your looking yor challenge i still trust you please come back please
10/20/2008 | 01:10 AM
Hey, Roger.

I'm glad you're feeling a lot better, and overall I think you did well in Madrid. The match with Andy Murray was a bit strange; he is a fairly good player, and at times his talent really shines through. Other times he isn't so consistent. P
10/20/2008 | 12:57 AM
Dear Roger

Thank you for the positive message to your fans.

Hope you are enjoying being in your home town & feeling physically fit. I hope that you will win this tournament again. You played so well in Madrid but wondered if, due to playing on con
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