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Roger unable to play

31.10.2008 | Off Court

Dear Fans,


Due to a stiff back, I have decided to pull out of my match against James Blake tonight. My back has been stiff for the last couple of days and I woke up this morning and it did not respond to the treatment I had last night. As a precaution and because I would be unable to play at 100% tonight, I have unfortunately had to take the difficult decision not to play. I thank the tournament and French fans for their understanding and support.  


All the best,



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11/03/2008 | 06:52 PM
Yeah, it's official...


Now we just need confirmation from ROGER that he will be there defending his title.
11/03/2008 | 06:49 PM
*** shell
I just checked on Nadal's site. The news is there. So it's true, he's not playing at the TMC

11/03/2008 | 06:48 PM
It is true not just a rumor. Nada will not play. He wants to get better for the Davis Cup.
11/03/2008 | 06:45 PM
***JSM and Tilou

I'm sure you're right. looking at the parents and the fact that J-W has had to struggle during the past few years.

Is it true about Nadal or is it a rumour that he is out of TMC?
11/03/2008 | 06:39 PM
Confirmed that Nadal has withdrawn - what about Roger ? He was supposed to fly to Shanghai on Monday ? Any news ?
11/03/2008 | 06:32 PM
*** Jeux-Set-Match
Yes, Simon is 9th in the race, so he should go to the TMC.
Bravo petit poussin! Quelle année pour toi ! J’aime entendre ton joli accent niçois, délicieux !
11/03/2008 | 06:28 PM
Thanks for this news! WOW!

*** Marycorbin, J-S-M, Jennysmith

We already knew that Foni was telling the truth this time about Nada's bad state... He he….We know why too…

But honestly, I never thought our VICIOUS operation would be that s
11/03/2008 | 06:11 PM
So our Rogie will be the #1.
It is interesting to see that Nadal has not won a ATP tourney since his #1 ranking.
Shanghai will be even better than expected. We will not have to suffer thru the Nada's matches.

11/03/2008 | 06:02 PM
Does this mean Simon is in?
11/03/2008 | 05:59 PM
If Nadal doesn't participate in Shanghai , then who will replace him ?