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Against Murray, Roddick and Simon

05.11.2008 | Tennis

Roger is the top seed at the Masters Cup in Shanghai in the absence of Rafael Nadal, who had to withdraw due to a knee injury. Roger will face Andy Murray (GBR), Andy Roddick (USA) and Gilles Simon (FRA) in the red group.


Gilles Simon was the last player to make the Masters, taking advantage of Nadal's withdrawal. Roger clearly leads the head-to-head against Andy Roddick (ATP 6) 15-2, with the American winning their last match in Miami, though. Andy Murray (ATP 4) caused Roger quite some problems this year as he defeated our star two out of three times (Dubai and Madrid). The most important match - the final of the US Open - clearly went to Roger. The head-to-head is 2-3 in favour of Murray. Roger has played Gilles Simon (ATP 9) once (Toronto, last July), facing a defeat.


The Masters starts on the hard court of the Qi Zhong arena on Sunday, with the final - to be contested over three sets rather than five - on November 16. Roger holds a total of four Masters Cup titles and has played five finals in series.


Red group

Roger Federer (SUI/1)

Andy Murray (GBR/3)

Andy Roddick (USA/5)

Gilles Simon (FRA/8)


Gold group

Novak Djokovic (SER/2)

Nikolai Dawydenko (RUS/4)

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (FRA/6)

Juan Martin Del Potro (ARG/7)






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11/10/2008 | 01:30 PM
Dear Roger

oh, no !
I'm so, so sorry and I don't know, what to say.
I believe, you Can win your next 2 matches and you can go to the SF.
Take care ....

Go Roger, go,
SHANGHAI THEM ALL (you can do it) !!!!!!!!!

With support

11/10/2008 | 01:29 PM
Well, I'm annoyed:(
But let's forget it and go to work!
I still think Roger isn't in good health conditions, and if so maybe it would be better for him to withdraw... if he goes on , better luck to next matches, and may it go like last year, when he l
11/10/2008 | 01:29 PM

C'mon guys, you all got too spoiled - if Roger loses the second one, then you worry. Simon's play is like a counter puncher, back and forth, back and forth and our Roger gets exhausted with that kind of game. He'll come back.

11/10/2008 | 01:29 PM
*** cesar

I love to see Roger win. But I am not ready to get on his back and complain everytime he does not play his best.

It is a privilege to watch Roger play. I love his game. I am not asking him to be perfect and win all the time. Roger has
11/10/2008 | 01:29 PM
why don't people think of his amazing beautiful play too why just the results how many beautiful Roger shots and play were there!!! uncountable!!! many many amazing fhs bhs, passing shots volleys smashes aces!!!
11/10/2008 | 01:28 PM
It looks to me that Rogie's back is still a problem (Rogie did not run after the balls like he normally does and the serve motion was so stiff). I dearly hope he will not have to w/o.
Simon looked like a bumble bee on a diet!!

11/10/2008 | 01:27 PM
not amazing, see, federer's play so bad. no forehand no backhand no aces, very slow, so many errors, that's not federer, simon's not kind of man like nadal and djokovic and murray, he's playing well but, all the reason for the loss is federer himself. S
11/10/2008 | 01:26 PM
Excuse me brian, your optimism is great but well 2007 >>>>> 2008
11/10/2008 | 01:25 PM
by the way don't forget last year when Roger lost in the 1st round despite that he won the tournament!!!
11/10/2008 | 01:22 PM
that's nothing. many beauty shots you did Roger!!! there were amazing ones too which should be in top 10!!! your play is always the biggest gift eyes can see!!!!