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Not a good start

10.11.2008 | Tennis

Roger did not catch a good start at the Masters Cup today, losing 6-4, 4-6, 3-6 to France's Gilles Simon in his first round-robin match.


Our champ was sublime in the opening set but lost his way in the next two as Simon took control. Simon, who got his ticket for the season finale when world number one Rafael Nadal withdrew injured, targeted our top seed's backhand with his powerful groundstrokes and sealed his reward with an ace after just over two hours. It was Roger's 14th defeat - and second to Simon - this season. A year ago, Roger faced the same scenario, facing a defeat against Fernando Gonzalez, but then came back to clinch his second consecutive title and fourth overall.


In the second match of the day Andy Murray plays Andy Roddick.

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11/12/2008 | 05:11 PM
wow,congratulation!i am very very happy.
yes,yes,yes.thanx god.i couldn't see the match, but the result is satisfactory!
be successful rogi.
hey fans,thank u for your supporting.
11/12/2008 | 05:08 PM
***kuetscheuk, ***luckylady, and ***tilou,

Thanks for the info/comments on Roger's illness. He is amazing to be able to play through this. He always wants to give himself the chance to recover and do better. I hope the day of rest will be truly rest
11/12/2008 | 05:06 PM
Hi "TNC", where did you found that information?
11/12/2008 | 04:57 PM
What i knew on round robins - if 2 players are tied with same no: of matches, its the player who has won between the 2 - will get the preference. So between Fed and Simon, it will be Simon as he has beaten Fed, assuming he also beats Stephnek.
If 3 playe
11/12/2008 | 04:57 PM
Hi Roger,
Good luck on the next matches!!!
I always with you!!!
11/12/2008 | 04:50 PM
*** LuckyLady

Yes, Roger did not look well. I understand why he did not smile into the camera when he signed his name now. It's quite amazing that he was able to play so well! What an extraordinary champ!
11/12/2008 | 04:48 PM
RF said in his post match interview, he got ill yesterday (flew?) and was not feeling fine during the match but was happy to have tomorrow free, so he's hoping to be fit on Friday, this being his 1st goal.
He looked really bad and sad.
He felt his back
11/12/2008 | 04:46 PM
*** marycorbin

That's right, Gonzo didn't win any more matches last year after beating Roger and the fact that he beat Roger did not count, Roger was first of his group.

Actually, Gonzo almost seemed like he had a an evel spell against him after bea
11/12/2008 | 04:39 PM
You just beat Stepanek!!! Good job Rogerrrrr!
11/12/2008 | 04:38 PM
Tilou/Mary Corbin, thanks for your post. As soon as Roger stepped out on court, it was obvious that there was something wrong. He looked tired and worried. He looked so sad, it is always difficult seeing him like that. Mirka also looked worried. Than
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