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Roger wins second Masters match

12.11.2008 | Tennis

Roger kept his Masters Cup 2008 bid alive by beating Radek Stepanek 7-6(4), 6-4 in Shanghai today. It did take a fair bit of work to beat Stepanek, who played in the place of Andy Roddick, who withdrew from the tournament earlier Wednesday with a sprained ankle after losing his opening match Monday.


Roger still showed some of the rust that plagued his opening loss to Gilles Simon. His first-serve percentage was higher than in his first match, but the shots still lacked some of their usual sting. "It's been a tough week for me from the start," said Roger, adding his back was fine but that he had a stomach ailment after his match Monday night against Simon and felt "terrible" when he woke up Tuesday. He spent the day in his room, trying to recover. "It would have been impossible to play yesterday," he said.


"Maybe I got lucky that Andy withdrew," Roger said. "And then Radek is not playing with his own rackets, so that made it a little bit more lucky again. I hope with a day of recovery, I'll make a miracle happen here and get through into the semis."

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12/20/2008 | 09:59 PM
Querido Señor Roger Federer, es para mi un gran honor poder dirigirme a usted desearle en estas fiestas que todo le vaya muy bien y el año nuevo venga cargado de toda clase de parabienes para toda su familia.

Nunca deje de sonreir porque todos estamo
11/15/2008 | 02:14 AM
Hey Guys,

I have such conflicted emotions as I write this post. On the one hand, I have never been so proud to be a Roger Federer fan. No supporter of any sport could desire more from their hero-athlete.

On the other hand, I am so disappointed
11/14/2008 | 07:10 PM
Hei My King Roger Federer

Dont worry, this is a part of life, but you are best player tennis in the world forever.

me and my family wish all the best for you.

take care and good luck we see you in 2009.

my son hello to you he is just 3 months
11/14/2008 | 06:39 PM
YES MITZ************JEUX MATCH******



11/14/2008 | 06:37 PM
*TNC*, thanks for posting those words from Federer and Murray after the match, I hadn't seen them yet... As I said before, I couldn´t see the match, but some rogerholics mentioned that if Roger had win he wouldn't be able to play tomorrow, and from Roger'
11/14/2008 | 06:34 PM

It was a hard season for you and for your fans. I agree with "just_a_fan" on page 39, and "takeko" on page 40. Lets leave the past in the past and move forward to 2009 season.

Some decisions that you already took this year, like forget the ex
11/14/2008 | 06:29 PM
I was just thinking that maybe Federer went to Shangai just o prevent Djoko from reaching the #2 position...

}However, it is Murray who the Swiss should be worried about... Murray will be number 3 or 2 -or maybe even 1 if Rafa's injuries keep
11/14/2008 | 06:26 PM

My headline, since there was none for this
article by Kamakshi Tandon

Roger Federer exits the Masters Cup in the round robin stage for the first time in his career, losing a thrilling three-hour, three-setter to Andy Mu
11/14/2008 | 06:25 PM

you may not have won the match but you definately won my heart.. and im sure every single person's heart..
and you prove to the world every single time that winning matches is not always important... you still prevail as the king of tennis!!!
11/14/2008 | 06:25 PM
True legend, Mr Federer!

Murray, like Nadal after Wimbledon, will look back on this as the day when he finally became a man. Talk of change of the guard and all the rest – not important today! Today was an example of sublime dedication to tennis and s
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