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Roger wins second Masters match

12.11.2008 | Tennis

Roger kept his Masters Cup 2008 bid alive by beating Radek Stepanek 7-6(4), 6-4 in Shanghai today. It did take a fair bit of work to beat Stepanek, who played in the place of Andy Roddick, who withdrew from the tournament earlier Wednesday with a sprained ankle after losing his opening match Monday.


Roger still showed some of the rust that plagued his opening loss to Gilles Simon. His first-serve percentage was higher than in his first match, but the shots still lacked some of their usual sting. "It's been a tough week for me from the start," said Roger, adding his back was fine but that he had a stomach ailment after his match Monday night against Simon and felt "terrible" when he woke up Tuesday. He spent the day in his room, trying to recover. "It would have been impossible to play yesterday," he said.


"Maybe I got lucky that Andy withdrew," Roger said. "And then Radek is not playing with his own rackets, so that made it a little bit more lucky again. I hope with a day of recovery, I'll make a miracle happen here and get through into the semis."

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11/14/2008 | 05:43 PM
Oh... Roger!
Of course, it's a pity that murray was the winner of the match, but it wasn't the last match!!
Prepare for new season... there are many other tours ahead !! Good Luck You in 2009!!!
With Best Wishes!!!
11/14/2008 | 05:42 PM
TE AMO!!!!


En caridad de Dios este mendigo año esta por acabar...Al fin!!

No me importa el resultado de hoy...me importa como te vi entregarte...por eso eres el MAS GRANDE ROGER!!!

Te amo te amo te amo te a
11/14/2008 | 05:42 PM
Marioni...i hate you!
11/14/2008 | 05:41 PM
Hi Rog,
I'm so proud of you even though you lost that match. Normally, my heart ache when you lost. This match made me feel so proud of you and didn't feel any sadness because i saw what you have been through and your willpower. I'm sure people will love
11/14/2008 | 05:37 PM
To maroni009's last post :

If Fed wanted to break Murray's momentum through health pretence he would hv done that when Murray was up 5-2 in the 2nd set.
Moreover, before taking the break he gave a pat on Murray's back while returning from break - a wa
11/14/2008 | 05:36 PM
the moderation job should be much better on this site. bad language insults me, insults other fans and roger himself.

you should treat this forum like a privilege and act of good will from roger, not as your private cursing grounds.
11/14/2008 | 05:35 PM
You are absolutely unbelievable...you are the greatest, Roger!
who could have possibly done in this match what you have? being hurt and pulling so hard to stay focused. you have my greatest admiration for ever...i never believed in anyone the way i belie
11/14/2008 | 05:33 PM
-eeee. p41,

Yes, eeee. you afe a good and fanatic fan of roger. I appreciate you and your post today since you just expressed admiration for Roger. Nothing to say about how he did not do well.

great, great, great.

Yes, roger will earn more heart
11/14/2008 | 05:32 PM
Dear Roger,
U lost today due to your poor health. The first set u served well but u couldn't hold your serve as usual in the second and third set. That's why u missed chance to win the match.
However, let bygones be bygones. Take a good rest and be rea
11/14/2008 | 05:32 PM
Gracias Roger !!!
Thanks Roger !!!
Thank God for giving us Roger Federer