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Roger out in Shanghai after thriller

14.11.2008 | Tennis

Roger's quest for a fifth title at the Masters Cup was ended today. Our champ lost the extraordinary final group match 6-4, 6-7(3) 5-7 to Briton Andy Murray.


"I don't quit once I step on court. Guess you got to drill me one in the eye, then maybe. But otherwise I don't quit," he said. "The body was hurting, you know. Normally a best-of-three match is peanuts. So it was a pity I couldn't handle it today."


Roger started off well in the first set, attacking Murray's second serve and breaking him to take a 3-1 lead. The Briton's failed drop-shot attempt handed Roger the set 6-4. In the second set, Murray took a 5-2 lead, but Roger made an awesome comeback to 6-6. But Murray then went on to clinch the tie-break that followed 7-3.

Before the start of the final set, Roger received treatment on his lower back. He fell behind at first, but improved rapidly as the set progressed, and won four games in a row to take a temporary lead. Unfortanately he gave it away, with Murray making it all clear with his ninth match-ball.


Another Masters Cup win would have put Roger on par with Ivan Lendl and Pete Sampras with five Masters Cup titles.

"It's been a good year, you know," Roger said. "Tough to start off with. Tough to end. But I think it gives me the opportunity to start over all new again next year."



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11/16/2008 | 04:27 PM
Hi Rogerholics,

Well TMC final did not go as hoped. Rats! With any luck, this win will put even more expectation and pressure on Fakovic in 2009. We'll see how all these youngsters handle the pressure of defending points week after week after week.
11/16/2008 | 04:15 PM
sir, all your fans are aware that you will dominate the next season. you are the best sir, come hell come rain! we love you sir and are proud to say that we are your fans!!!
11/16/2008 | 03:59 PM
:( Roger, sometimes is necessary lose, because we learned with us errors. Andy Murray are a good tenist, but nobody if compare with you!!! Djokovic need defend 1000 points, and you, sum up 450, of course that you will get a raise significative. ;)
2009 s
11/16/2008 | 03:57 PM
Federer should take it easy for the next 1.5 months -- I don't know what his schedule is like. He has a good shot at AO. Nadal is goin to be resting well -- I hope Fed does the same. This is not to say that nadal will be a threat to Federer -- just that a
11/16/2008 | 03:57 PM

The 2008 tennis season is finally over, at last!

I have no words to express my feeling of proud of you, starting in the semi-final during the AO ( where you were playing with mono)
till your heroic battle with Andy Murray last Friday.

11/16/2008 | 03:19 PM
hi rog,
i know u were suffering 4rm u r injury r not u would rock roger now also u r rocking u r always rockinguy , ALL DA BEST ROGER 4R 2009 . I HOPE ALL U R PLANS WILL GO SUCESSFULLY . dont think abt past think abt present u soend time with u
11/16/2008 | 03:18 PM
you will know the points tomorrow in
11/16/2008 | 03:12 PM
Dear dearest Roger,
I finally have a few minutes to write you in this sad Sunday morning without you with the Masters Cup on your hands...
I did not have the chance to see you play last Friday, but I did follow the result on internet in live score...you
11/16/2008 | 02:46 PM
I just want to thank you for another great season to watch....Wishing you good R&R and will see you in Oz.
11/16/2008 | 02:40 PM
OMG roger I cried my eyes out on the day of the match from how awesome you played :D
I even taped the game and I'm still watching
you ended the season with an amazing match one of the best ones this year wow I really saw amazing shots I'm still living