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Roger out in Shanghai after thriller

14.11.2008 | Tennis

Roger's quest for a fifth title at the Masters Cup was ended today. Our champ lost the extraordinary final group match 6-4, 6-7(3) 5-7 to Briton Andy Murray.


"I don't quit once I step on court. Guess you got to drill me one in the eye, then maybe. But otherwise I don't quit," he said. "The body was hurting, you know. Normally a best-of-three match is peanuts. So it was a pity I couldn't handle it today."


Roger started off well in the first set, attacking Murray's second serve and breaking him to take a 3-1 lead. The Briton's failed drop-shot attempt handed Roger the set 6-4. In the second set, Murray took a 5-2 lead, but Roger made an awesome comeback to 6-6. But Murray then went on to clinch the tie-break that followed 7-3.

Before the start of the final set, Roger received treatment on his lower back. He fell behind at first, but improved rapidly as the set progressed, and won four games in a row to take a temporary lead. Unfortanately he gave it away, with Murray making it all clear with his ninth match-ball.


Another Masters Cup win would have put Roger on par with Ivan Lendl and Pete Sampras with five Masters Cup titles.

"It's been a good year, you know," Roger said. "Tough to start off with. Tough to end. But I think it gives me the opportunity to start over all new again next year."



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11/17/2008 | 04:55 AM
Dear Roger
U don't so sad. This match u play very well. I belive if your body is well. U will be the winner sure. For this year not so good for you. But I belive in the next year is for you. Pls. enjoy to relax in yr. off court.
See you again in 20
11/17/2008 | 04:48 AM
Dear Roger
I am sorry very much that you out of Shang hai game, in my opinion when you play nobody can beat you but it seems you have no luck. In match sometimes I think you are too hurry to win Murray in point but overall the game you show that how the
11/17/2008 | 04:06 AM
2008 isn't that bad for RF. Many players would be willing to be in his shoes.

Let's just hope for the best for our dear RF in 2009. I really hope he wins that AO. That would be a fantastic start!
11/17/2008 | 04:05 AM
Hi dear,
I am so sorry that u lost. I was having full confident that u will win till the match was annouced that Murry won. Man I amired you fighting spirit though u were in pian which showed in your face. I am very proud of you roger. Any other player
11/17/2008 | 03:25 AM
ROGER THE LIONHEART, as someone called him, seems the perfect title for Roger. It describes his bravery and the fact that he is an inspirational role model.
11/17/2008 | 03:09 AM
***flat-return*** p.47

Just had to reply to your post which is perfectly true. Roger is a technician. He plays with such precision that it only needs one element of his game to be slightly "off" & his game will suffer. This year we, his fans, know t
11/17/2008 | 02:40 AM
I love you more then before, you are the greatest. No matter win or lose you have alread tried the very best. Support you forever. Looking forward to seeing you in Macau.
11/17/2008 | 02:31 AM
Just keep health and protect youself from illness and pains. Enjoy the pleasures brought by tennis and provide wondeful matches to us. We, all of your fans, are behind you. It is lucky for us to become your fans.
11/17/2008 | 02:28 AM
Dear Roger,

Now it is time to rest, have some fun and reflect on 2008. I know it is not the year you wanted but as others have pointed uut it was a good year in many other ways.

I can't wait till next season, come what may. It is exciting to watch
11/17/2008 | 02:14 AM
Hello Screwball p 48

Thank you, but most importantly I am sorry to read that you have had mono--as you say it is an awful disease.Fortunately,I'm one of the lucky ones [so far!] but have not only nursed many with it but one of my closest friends had