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Showdown of Champions

17.11.2008 | Off Court

Now that the tennis season has come to an end Roger can take it a bit more slowly. But nevertheless, this week will be rather busy with exhibitions: Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday and Macau on Thursday.


The protagonists in Tuesday night's Showdown of Champions next to Roger are James Blake, John McEnroe and Björn Borg. In addition to his activity on court, Roger will meet with a group of lucky fans for half an hour.


The format in Kuala Lumpur will see one set between Borg and McEnroe followed by another set featuring Roger and James Blake. The finale comprises a USA vs Europe doubles set, with Blake teaming with McEnroe and Roger playing alongside the legendary Borg.




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11/20/2008 | 07:35 AM
***Trinimum127*** Thank you for your kind words...and most welcomed...I guess most of Roger's fans has a bit of Rogihumour in them...can't help that..the kid in us!! See you around :)
11/19/2008 | 09:47 PM
***jamiechin*** Thanks again for the fabulous courtside reports - you are certainly a fantastic writer with a great sense of humour. I'll check out your forum posts when I get home later today.

***marycorbin - Thanks for the details on the matches. I t
11/19/2008 | 12:25 PM
***fsadrul*** sorry gave you the wrong info..under the Forum you should go to Roger & Rafa exhibition match..yup..they didn't update the title..
11/19/2008 | 12:13 PM
***fsadrul*** you are welcomed..do go to the forum under Roger & Tennis - Showdown of Champions..and get a more detailed report there....cya around :) and Roger is indeed AWESOME!!
11/19/2008 | 12:09 PM
***jenny smith*** you are most welcomed..I have a more detailed account in the Forum of how we guys managed to take that "historic" pic with him and became instant celebrities overnight...haha...do go in there if you find time..but I'm warning you..it is
11/19/2008 | 10:50 AM
I think that the link to the KL site in incorrect. I got on using, http://www.showdownkl2008.com/

Looking forward to seeing you in '09. XOXOXO Always, Mindy.
11/19/2008 | 10:30 AM
I watched the match last night and I was happy to see Roger having fun. It was nice seeing you playing without any pressure. Hope you and Borg win the next doubles event. :D
11/19/2008 | 09:50 AM
Great!!!!!showdown of champions with JB McEnroe and the legend BBorg,but the BEST EVER is ROGER FEDERER my hero, and my opinion the Best player of all time!!!!
Good luck Roger!!!!Roger simply the Best!!!by Leo
11/19/2008 | 08:47 AM
I was so glad that I accidentally got to watch the live telecast of the KL Champions Showdown as I didn't expect it to be broadcasted. Haha , I was trying my luck switching channels and caught the match between John and Borg.

I love to see the lively
11/19/2008 | 07:47 AM
thank you so much for your lovely report. its great that somewhere along the way there someone who are the true fan to share your exciting moments to meet and join our champ what amazing roger is . he loves by all the people around the
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