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Roger wins part I

19.11.2008 | Off Court

Roger beat James Blake in the one set they played at the exhibition in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia): 7-6 (10-7), but he had to rally from 1-3 down. In the other singles match, John McEnroe defeated Björn Borg 7-6 (13-11).


"It has been a tough season with lots of traveling and I could just sleep for a month," Roger said. "I felt fine during the game, but obviously after a hard season I would need some time off. I'm glad we are at the end of the season and I will take it easy for a few weeks."


Roger and Borg then teamed to play McEnroe and Blake in doubles, and the Americans won 7-5.

On Thursday, the four champions will play the second part of the exhibition in Macao. After that, it's finally off to a more than well deserved holiday for Roger...

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11/21/2008 | 05:31 AM
Hello Liads P 7

We saw all of these matches [and hundreds of others!]

However from you list

8. Roger has said that he considers this match was one of his finest playing Andre in New York with the crowd predominately [naturally] behind the Amer
11/21/2008 | 05:27 AM
Thanks you Fedex100, Mardeo, Brian999666 and Takeko for your opinions and advice. I am for sure going for Safin match,Olympics,Wimby 06 finals and Agassi match. Other one I m gonna have to decide. Thanks alot.
11/21/2008 | 03:42 AM
11/21/2008 | 03:41 AM
11/21/2008 | 02:59 AM
Roger,Love u,looking forward to your next big season.
11/21/2008 | 01:21 AM
I love your smile!
11/21/2008 | 12:33 AM

Looks like you had lots of fun

Who won the doubles? I did not see the match, but the reports seem exciting.

Onto 2009!!
11/21/2008 | 12:17 AM
I hope your having fun with this exhibitions and I wish you the best always. Have a great vacation, you deserve it :)
11/20/2008 | 11:43 PM

It was said there will be no exhibitions in 2009, not 2008!

11/20/2008 | 11:30 PM
Sleeping for a month isn't a bad idea. I hope you have a refreshing break. And wish you a good 2009. Why not look at the old tapes from the Australian Open 2007 which I believe was your gratest form in any major.
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