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Roger Backed By Fans To Regain No. 1 Ranking

25.11.2008 | Tennis

Rafael Nadal may have ended the season as ATP World No. 1, but ATPtennis.com fans believe that Roger will reclaim the year-end No. 1 ranking in 2009.


In a poll of more than 55,000 fans, so far 43 per cent of ATPtennis.com readers believe that our champ will join Ivan Lendl as the only player to regain the year-end No. 1 in the South African Airways ATP Rankings after losing it. Lendl claimed the year-end No. 1 ranking in 1985, '86 and '87 before finishing No. 2 behind Mats Wilander in 1988. He then regained the year-end No. 1 in 1989 and remains the only player in the history of the South African Airways ATP Rankings (since 1973) to achieve that feat.



Quick Poll: Who will finish No. 1 at the end of 2009?

(The poll is still running, click on the link below to cast your vote)


Player (Percentage of vote)

Roger Federer (43%)

Rafael Nadal (35%)

Novak Djokovic (11%)

Andy Murray (8%)

Other (3%)


Roger, who lost the No. 1 ranking to Nadal after a record 237 consecutive-week stint on August 18, polled seven per cent more votes than his Spanish rival. Roger ended the year with a 66-15 match record, highlighted by a 13th Grand Slam trophy at the US Open (d. Murray).


Nadal finished the 2008 season with a 1,370 points lead over Roger. The 22-year-old Mallorcan captured eight titles – including Roland Garros, Wimbledon and Olympic gold – and had an 82-11 match record.



Text published with kind permission of the ATP.

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12/01/2008 | 12:24 AM
I saw a video of Roger and Blake playing and it was hilarious. Roger is so full of fun. He was having a ball and at one point he threw his wrist band into the audience and the gal that got it was so astounded and happy. It was great. See, Roger, everybody
12/01/2008 | 12:14 AM
***eeee*** Gosh............. Please, spare us. Don't you think we all know that ? It's common knowledge. I think it would be better if you wrote Roger a personal letter (or may be 3) and told him all you know and that HE DOES NOT know. Poor him!
11/30/2008 | 11:15 PM
ya you can do it roger
we believe in you

the true king will regain his throne
sooner or later
11/30/2008 | 11:05 PM
I really like your comments. I think you should be on this site more often. It seems like you have some ideas about the game.
11/30/2008 | 11:04 PM
Hi Rogi,

It’s good to see that ‘While You Are Sleeping’ :)) … your website stays very much active and it keeps on growing. In just one month you’ve got over 4000 new members. Hooray!!! It’s certainly my favorite place to come every day.

p.s. Your au
11/30/2008 | 10:56 PM
Please spare us your long lectures, **eeee**. Contrary to what you may think, you don't know everything. I doubt if Roger is going to sit up and take notice.
11/30/2008 | 10:36 PM
11/30/2008 | 10:36 PM
you aree the bestttttt rogerrrrr <3333
11/30/2008 | 09:31 PM
(I mean, fatalistic, sorry)
11/30/2008 | 09:30 PM
****eeee, please apologize, I reacted without diplomacy. You’re of course free to post when ever you like. Here my personal opinion: you sometimes annoy when you insist by reposting your comments and above all, some of them are too elaborated. Besides, yo