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My 2009 schedule

02.12.2008 | Off Court

Dear Fans


It is my pleasure to inform you that my schedule for 2009 has been finalised and I am glad to share it with you. You can find it under 'schedule' or just follow the link below. I am really pleased with the season the way we have planned it and I am looking forward to an exciting year!


I am still enjoying a few more days on holiday. It is such a treat to just enjoy the sun and the sea together with Mirka. After that we'll start the preparations for 2009 with a training camp in Dubai. That is always very intense, but it's a vital part to a successful start of the new year - which begins very soon!


Kind regards





Please note the new official terms for the ATP tournament categories (ATP 250, 500 and 1000 Series).  



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12/09/2008 | 09:20 AM
Dear Roger,
Have a nice holiday. I'm confident you'll have a very good year. I'm eagerly looking forward yo see you play again. How exciting! Missing you already. All the very best Roger.
12/08/2008 | 05:17 PM
Dear Roger:
It's so nice to see your letter here again!Enjoy the holiday and have a good rest.We are looking forward to the new year ~
All my best wishes
12/08/2008 | 03:38 PM
Hey Rog
Good to see your coming out all guns blazing in the new year. Rog I was wondering - Id like to amke a film about you. Email address is figwatkins@hotmail.co.uk - let's talk
12/08/2008 | 02:57 PM
Have a great holiday Roger...
I was enjoy your performance in Malaysia & Hongkong.
Good luck for 2009!
Luv U..
12/08/2008 | 12:16 AM
Hello my sweety Roger, I hope that you enyoy this christmas time, thanks a lot for let us know your schedule. take care. bye you`re the best.
12/07/2008 | 11:56 PM
Roger is not only the greatest but also smart.

This is a great schedule to be ready for the slams.

There is one more thing Roger should consider: ask Wilson to design a 92 or 93 square inch racket specifically for him. This can be important to win t
12/07/2008 | 03:26 PM
New year,new season,the same GOGER!!!
12/07/2008 | 02:56 PM
Dear Roger,
I look forward to seeing you play your flawless tennis again. I have been watching tennis for many years and you are truly the best I've seen. All the best to you in your upcoming matches.
Blessings, Linda
12/07/2008 | 01:45 PM
hi roger,
I m really glad that you have shared your schedule with us. It appears to be a tough one but i m sure you'll go through it well. I m happy that you are having a wonderful vacation with Mirka. So Roger do prepare well for 2009 & i am sure this y
12/07/2008 | 01:03 PM
Hi guys ,

Later today , I will post the 2nd key to Roger's success in 2009 ( in my humble opinion) : SPEED

For those who will read my post and like it : thank you

For those who will disagree with my post without being rude to me :

I totally re
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