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My 2009 schedule

02.12.2008 | Off Court

Dear Fans


It is my pleasure to inform you that my schedule for 2009 has been finalised and I am glad to share it with you. You can find it under 'schedule' or just follow the link below. I am really pleased with the season the way we have planned it and I am looking forward to an exciting year!


I am still enjoying a few more days on holiday. It is such a treat to just enjoy the sun and the sea together with Mirka. After that we'll start the preparations for 2009 with a training camp in Dubai. That is always very intense, but it's a vital part to a successful start of the new year - which begins very soon!


Kind regards





Please note the new official terms for the ATP tournament categories (ATP 250, 500 and 1000 Series).  



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12/06/2008 | 03:00 AM
Dear Roger,
God has blessed you with this awesome tallent at tennis.With him,all things are possible.You're the world's greatest.God bless you.
With faith in him,
Federer Fan U.S.A.
12/06/2008 | 02:56 AM
Dear Roger,
R eally
O -mazing
G reat
E normously good
R ight
F riend
12/06/2008 | 02:50 AM
way to go roger, good luck for the season.....all las vegas is with you....come on...!!!!!
12/06/2008 | 01:36 AM
Happy Chritsmas for you and Mirka and enjoy your holidays.........fopr the next year you will live succes.............a big hug
12/05/2008 | 10:27 PM
Dearest Rogie,

So wonderful of you to write to us during your down time. It's great that you're getting a chance to relax with those you love. Mirka and the rest of your team endure so much stress during your season, that it must be a most welcome brea
12/05/2008 | 10:22 PM
Great! I will be watching closely to see where the Davis Cup will be played...if it's anywhere close to me I will do my best to go there.

Mind over matter for 2009 for sure...play smarter not harder and you will win every match! One point at a time
12/05/2008 | 10:05 PM
Dear Roger, have fun on holiday with mirka. WHat a great support you have with her always by your side.She is one in a million like you are and I am glad you found each other. Happy Holidays my number 1 always. love nicola
12/05/2008 | 08:35 PM
I cannot wait until the 2009 season starts. It sucks not being able to watch tennis between mid-november and january. I really hope that this season will be good for you because it is a new season which means that you can just forget about everything tha
12/05/2008 | 08:34 PM
Maybe I'll get to see you in Miami even though I live in Mississippi.
12/05/2008 | 06:56 PM
hy roger! i wanna wish you a happy christmas!!! i`m sure you will be no 1 i`m sure you can do it i think that you can do it anytime because you are such a good player!!! good luck in 2009!!! lots of love from ROMANIA