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Vote for our champion!

04.12.2008 | Tennis

The Swiss Athlete of the Year will be elected during the "Credit Suisse Sports Awards" this coming Saturday. For the first time in the event's history it will take place in Basel, Roger's home town.


Roger could become the first athlete ever to win two titles in the same year: he has been nominated for Athlete of the Year as well as Team of the Year together with Stanislas Wawrinka as Olympic doubles champions. It won't be easy for our champ, though, as the other nominees have brilliant references, too: two-time Olympic medal winner (gold and bronze) Fabian Cancellara (cycling), Daniel Albrecht (skiing), Sergei Aschwanden (judo), Didier Cuche (skiing), Daniel Hubmann (orienteering), Stéphane Lambiel (ice-skating), Dominik Meichtry (swimming), Viktor Röthlin (marathon) and Nino Schurter (mountain bike).


Spectators will have the possibility to call during the TV-show and cast their votes. So make sure to tune in and give Roger your support! The show starts at 8:05 p.m. (local time) and is broadcast on SF1, TSR2 and TSI2 (Swiss stations for the German, French and Italian parts). Go Roger!


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12/06/2008 | 08:56 PM
Dear Roger and Stanislas too,



Dear Monica,
thanks so, so much for your wonderful message (I can't find live steam).
This is fantastic news !
I wait for the second ...
12/06/2008 | 08:55 PM
they meant it in a positive way!! I might have chosen the wrong expression, sorry!
every body loves this amusing ritual
12/06/2008 | 08:51 PM
that's an evil minded thing from the moderators. hurting and hurting towards Roger and Stan too. i'm sure though Roger didn't show it hurted him.
don't listen to them Roger!!! our hearts are glad about you and the winning!!!
12/06/2008 | 08:46 PM
...now we have to be a bit patient, I guess more than one hour and a half for the "singles".
Meanwhile the 10 nominees will be reduced to only 5, so I'll give more news at that time...
12/06/2008 | 08:38 PM
The moderators made fun of THE RITUAL:
she (Sandra Studer) lost her voice so he (Rainer M. Salzgeber) lied down saying he was full of energy. Then she made her hands dance over his body and got back her voice!! ha ha!
12/06/2008 | 08:33 PM
*kuetschuek... HOW WONDERFUL!!!!

Congratulationss, TEAM FEDRINKA!
12/06/2008 | 08:31 PM
congratulate Roger!!! and to Staninslas too!!!
Monica how lucky you are to see live!!!!
12/06/2008 | 08:29 PM
and the AWARD for SWISS TEAM of the YEAR goes to...


12/06/2008 | 08:21 PM
Sweet Roger!

Wow! Another nomination. I imagine there will be a "Roger Federer Sportsman of the Year" award someday. You are setting the example for future generations to come.

Of course you will win. This year was an outstanding example of yo