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Athlete of the Year

10.12.2008 | Off Court

You can now vote online for the United States Sports Academy’s 2008 Athlete of the Year award. Votes will be collected until December 24, the winner will be announced on Christmas Day.


Roger faces strong competition: Usain Bolt (track and field), Kobe Bryant (basketball), Brian Clay (decathlon), Haile Gebrselassie (marathon), Ryan Howard (baseball), Jimmie Johnson  (auto racing (NASCAR)), Eli Manning (football), Rafael Nadal (tennis), Michael Phelps (swimming), Tim Tebow (college football), Tiger Woods (golf).


If you'd like to support Roger, please follow the link below. Our champ won this award in 2007 and 2006 – so let’s make it a hattrick!

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12/12/2008 | 03:47 PM
I voteeed :D
First in Roger, of course!!!
For certainty Roger will win ;)
Kisses Roger!
12/12/2008 | 03:34 PM
The greece is with you!!! Good luck.
12/12/2008 | 03:08 PM
hey Roger,
I miss you a lot. It really gets boring and boring as there are no further matches of yours this year. I know that this year wasn't a good one for you but i m sure that next year you'll shock all your fans by your great performances and will r
12/12/2008 | 03:01 PM
Hey Federer I don't feel you were the usual you this year...
So may be someone else deserves it this time...
But I'm sure that if smeone else wins the award then it will really make you feel angrey and hunry for that ery award and that may surely help t
12/12/2008 | 02:50 PM
c'mon//we all now that u will NOT be athlete of the year...maybe michael phelps or maybe rafael nadal...he surely deserves it more than you do...
12/12/2008 | 02:46 PM
Of course I will vote for you, angel. You deserve the award for all your success in 2008 despite being ill. Your determination, grace and ability to overcome incredible odds in your pursuit of your goals marks you out as the greatest of a great field of c
12/12/2008 | 02:22 PM
hi roger,
i am sure that you'll win this award again and will make a hattrick. I have already voted for you and i request all your supporters to do the same. So champ, this award is surely gonna be yours.
lots of love from AMINA
12/12/2008 | 02:07 PM
Roger , i miss you
i love you
12/12/2008 | 01:29 PM
Miss you champ, no games to watch, I like waiting to see you get on court, it's nice...

Get Ready for the GS record!! 2009 is your year.
12/12/2008 | 12:18 PM
hey RF,
gud luck.i hav voted for u and wil be voting till 25th and enjoy your holidays and u no need to worry about the results as ofcourse u wil b the winner!!!!happy christmas and new year in advance