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Roger and the Top Ten

12.12.2008 | Tennis

This year, Roger finished his seventh consecutive season as a player ranked amongst the Top Ten. Only 13 players have managed to do the same since the introduction of the ATP ranking in 1973. In total, 109 players have ended the year among the best ten players.


André Agassi and Jimmy Connors are the current record holders with 16 years in series, followed by Ivan Lendl (13) and Pete Sampras (12).


The ranking:


André Agassi : 16 times (1988-92, '94-96, '98-2005)

Jimmy Connors : 16 (1973-88)

Ivan Lendl : 13 (1980-92)

Pete Sampras : 12 (1990-2001)

Boris Becker : 11 (1985-92, '94-96)  

Stefan Edberg : 10 (1985-94)

John McEnroe : 10 (1978-85, '87, '89)  

Guillermo Vilas : 9 (1974-82)

Björn Borg : 8 (1974-81)

Michael Chang : 7 (1989, '92-97)  

Roger : 7 (2002-08)

Andy Roddick :  7 (2002-08)

Mats Wilander : 7 (1982-88)

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12/17/2008 | 12:53 AM
Hi guys!... I must admit I am enjoying reading ***eeee***'s personal opinion on Roger's games. Very sensible!... Congrats ***eeee*** you have caught my attention. Good job!.. I enjoyed your thoughts all for Roger...

Well, happy holidays everyone!!!
12/17/2008 | 12:40 AM
Stay healthy Roger and you will be breaking records even that of Agassi. we will support you all the way.

I can't wait for January to see you in action again. Come on!.. My holiday is becoming so boring without seeing you in action.

Happy holidays
12/16/2008 | 10:40 PM
Really good to see the pic on the home page. Break is over it seems which means its not much longer to wait for some Roger action again. Cant wait! Only a few more weeks...
12/16/2008 | 07:59 PM
Good comments eeee.

We all hope this new year to be totally different than this 2008. that in fact was not bad. The only thing is that we could watch the best player ever. affected by illness and its consecuences. I am sure once this new year comes a
12/16/2008 | 06:30 PM
I'm sure you will regain number 1 x)
trust you roger you're the best ever
12/16/2008 | 06:24 PM
Well, 7 is nothing for you ! You are going to reach 10 and more !! It'll be piece of cake for you !!!
12/16/2008 | 05:44 PM
Dearest Roger,
Your tennis is the most beautiful & flambouyant
to watch. You are the greatest and the most
valuable player of all times. Go! Roger.
12/16/2008 | 04:40 PM
..and lots..

12/16/2008 | 04:39 PM
Hey Rog,

Like the picture on the frontpage, beautiful.. :):)
It's very strange, seeing you in bright sunshine, while here it is so cold and cloudy...at this moment i am literally shaking with cold...hmm i hope i'm not gonna be sick...brbrbrbr
But any
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