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Merry Christmas!

24.12.2008 | Off Court

Dear Fans


After a wonderful and very relaxing seaside holiday I am now in the final stage of preparation for the new season which, as you know, will be beginning very soon. Never before have I started a tennis-year as early as the one ahead: I will be back in action on January 1st. I am very much looking forward to the tournament in Abu Dhabi, which is taking place for the first time, as well as the entire season of 2009! There is such a large number of challenges lying ahead - facing them, working hard and giving my best to succeed is precisely why I love my job so much.


Looking back at the past 365 days a lot of unforgettable experiences come to mind. But there are, of course, also the tough moments I had to go through. I faced an unexpectedly difficult training period and exhausting start of the season due to illness precisely 12 months ago. I spent a great deal of the year battling with the lack of practice and hours of training that I faced at the time.

So having played another three Grand Slam finals and having brought home the US Open trophy as well as reaching Olympic heights together with Stan Wawrinka makes me just the more proud. I was honoured to receive the Laureus title as Athlete of the Year again and also lift the trophy at my home-tournament in Basel once more. These are some of the truly wonderful, emotional moments I had the privilege to experience. And it was special to be able to share them together with Stan in Beijing.


Something I will always want to stress is the fact that all these experiences would not have been the same if I hadn't been able to share them with all of you. You gave me your full support during the entire season and showed me your enthusiasm for this wonderful sport. Your thoughtful gifts, words and actions are always a fabulous reward. I would like to thank you for that with all my heart. Let's keep up the great work and head into a successful 2009 together!


I'd like to wish all of you and your families a Merry Christmas, a wonderful end of this year and all the best for the one lying ahead.


See you very soon,

kind regards from Dubai,




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01/02/2009 | 02:19 PM
yes, it's only and exho. But it still hurts to see Roger lose.

Let's hope for good year for Roger, this 2009!

01/02/2009 | 02:19 PM
guys I missed d match, just woke up to see Roger being interviewd and next was Murray. Who won/ Did Roger lose or what? Somebody pls update me with the scores and what happened.
01/02/2009 | 02:14 PM
Hey, Rogerholics, great watching with you! Too bad it went Murray's way, but I am cheered about Roger's ability to keep coming back when he's behind. Agree with Brian, so great to see our Champ smiling a lot!

See you next week in Doha!

01/02/2009 | 02:14 PM
No problem Roger!

This is only an exho... a different kind of practice for you... and you did very well... it was a pleasure watching you!

You did not even look disappointed...
Thanks for the smiles and the happy mood!

See you soon dear Roger!
01/02/2009 | 02:13 PM
happy new year to you all fans

now back to real tennis life

it is a pity to see that federer has started
2009 just a he ended 2008

so a lot of work to do for our roger
wish him all the luck in the world

and i agree with what he just said
01/02/2009 | 02:07 PM
it was out but amazing play and shots in the match!!! beauty ones and there were very many unreal ones too when man just says i can't believe it's possible to shot!!!!
and Roger looks great!!! and it was a pleasure to see him smile more times in a match.
01/02/2009 | 02:06 PM
Damn, what a pitty loosing it in the end, after saving match points!!!! But, anyway, good signs on Roger's game, and from next week, here we go!!!
See you next week, Rogerholics...
01/02/2009 | 02:03 PM
2nd matchpoint saved and what a bh and then the fh amazing play!!!
01/02/2009 | 01:59 PM
Guys i this link http://www.freeetv.com/modules.php?name=Video_Stream&page=watch&id=2398

shows that its one set all and there is third set tie break that's going on!!!
01/02/2009 | 01:58 PM
OK, ***Tilou, here comes the extra practice! Go Rog!!
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