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Roger loses first match

02.01.2009 | Tennis

Andy Murray has beaten Roger 4-6, 6-2, 7-6(6) to reach the final of the World Tennis Championship in Abu Dhabi. Roger won the first set but Murray bounced back to complete the victory and set up a final against Nikolay Davydenko or Rafael Nadal.

"It's been a great start but unfortunately I couldn't come through in the end," said Roger. "But Andy's had a fantastic end to the year and he looks in great shape again."

Roger was happy to get a hard match at the start of his season and, despite last year not being his best, he would take the same again for 2009. "Hopefully I can just have another terrible year with only just the one grand slam and that will be just fine."



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01/03/2009 | 09:08 PM
All the best for the 2009 season!

01/03/2009 | 08:28 PM
~brian999666~ Wonderful post on page 15.

It's easy for most to focus on Roger's losses and to forget the incredible success he's had over the past years.

I personally believe there is still much fire in Roger's spirit. Win or lose I support Ro
01/03/2009 | 08:01 PM
01/03/2009 | 07:56 PM
Fed was just joking, he was being sarcastic as usual. The Master has a great sense of humor. That media are a joke and show them all right. Roger will win when it really matters-the Grand Slams. And I am sure he'll get HIS no1 ranking back. I loved watchi
01/03/2009 | 07:54 PM

Glad that you came around and finally saw the humorous side of Roger...I like that sarcastic side of Roger's especially when it's to people who deserves it haha...I was getting worried reading your post on p/g 15..you were almost screaming...
01/03/2009 | 07:41 PM
Hello Roger,
It's a pity you lost this first match, but Andy was very good today! And Rafa Nadal has also lost again Murray! Nevermind, it's only an exhibition match and I 'm sure that you will win the first interesting match in Doha!
Good luck and I ho
01/03/2009 | 07:35 PM
hey guys,

abt that statement that he made,"Hopefully I can just have another terrible year with only just the one grand slam and that will be just fine." it was said just for humour.. nothing to worry abt.. our guy's still the best with the same attit
01/03/2009 | 07:28 PM
Dear Roger, and ***To Fans Who Think That Nadal Is In His head--and now he shouldn't allow Murray to get there: this is wrong! I never ever believed or even considered that Nadal was, or will be, or could be, in Roger's head! Never mind Murray! There is s
01/03/2009 | 07:05 PM
"Hopefully I can just have another terrible year with only just the one grand slam and that will be just fine."

OK, for all you fans in here who are still so worked up over this statement and who are still in "dreamland" or who are still on the "getti
01/03/2009 | 06:59 PM
Actually Roger is the real threat to all players
in the ATP, that's why all the guys are so eager
to beat him. I don't care too much that Roger
sometimes loses to some players in some best
of 3 matches, these stuff are for women and not for the men. W