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The Spirit of a Champion

15.01.2009 | Off Court

The Spirit of a Champion is a three-part series discovering where it all began for Roger and uncovering who the man behind the trophies really is. The great footage looks at how Roger turned from a racket-throwing teenager into a calm composed champion, and includes interviews with his first coach, his family and other top international tennis players.


The series is broadcast on BBC, Saturdays at 1330 GMT (Repeated: 2130, Sundays at 0330 GMT, 1030 GMT & 1730 GMT, view your local programme times).

You can also take a look at some of the material on YouTube, simply follow the link below and enjoy!

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10/31/2009 | 03:13 PM
i've seen it loads of time..
Loved it !!!!
When will it b aired again??
04/29/2009 | 12:56 PM
i saw this documentary and found it trully inspiring, i can also relate to your youthful years i am a stubborn, ambitious leo as well!!

p.s gud luck and hope to c u win RG!!!
02/18/2009 | 11:28 AM
It's too bad I was able to watch the final part only.I hope it will be aired again as it is always a joy to see Roger on and off-court. Or better yet if it's available in CD where can we buy?? This is the best souvenir we can keep of Roger forever..
02/10/2009 | 07:58 PM
You know I am not really a fan of Rafa's simply because he bites everything when he takes pictures, I just cant stand that, but I know it is his "so called trade mark", nonetheless, he really respects you Roger and that is a noble quality in Rafa. I am g
01/20/2009 | 11:23 PM
The spirit of a champion is a fantastic video cos it depits the good and funny side of the greatest player of all times.It's a must watch.Ride on Roger!!!!!!
01/20/2009 | 03:42 PM
I saw this on ESPN ... It is particularly amazing, just a
Champion Roger as we can provide these things!
You are the best of all time
unquestionably ... The king of tennis!
-Dominican Republic-
01/19/2009 | 03:13 PM
does anyone know what date this starts
01/19/2009 | 03:47 AM
Wonderful documentary!! =)
Absolutely recommendable.
01/19/2009 | 12:59 AM
I'm very anxious for see you, I can't see without my popcorn :D
Congratulations Roger, I admire you and your potential!!!
I love you little Roger :)
01/18/2009 | 06:52 PM
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