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Taking the rivalry to a new level

31.01.2009 | Off Court

Sunday's match between Roger and Rafael Nadal will be their 19th encouter as professional tennis players. But the final of the Australian Open will take their rivalry to another level. The two have never met Down Under before. And it is the first time that Nadal will enter the court as world number one.


Roger has been defeated 12 times in 18 career meetings. The question now is whether Rafa can beat Roger on hard courts. This will be the Spaniard's first major final on the surface he has found hardest to master and on which Roger has ruled for five years. Roger won both matches they played on hard courts so far: 2006 and 2007 at the Tennis Masters in Shanghai. Our champ has won eight of his 13 Grand Slam titles on hard courts and has certainly proved that he is in great shape with impressive displays in Melbourne.


Roger is moving forward in many aspects of tennis history. With this weekend's final he is just one shiy of Ivan Lendl’s unprecedented 19 major final appearances. And a win would lift him into a tie with Pete Sampras for 14 Grand Slam titles. “It’s an unbelievable opportunity for me, not being No. 1 anymore, trying to beat No. 1 in the world and getting the 14th Grand Slam,” Roger said.


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02/01/2009 | 01:42 PM
Roger wins the 4th set, not without working hard for it but i am very happy now with the result and his performance. He has a great chance right now. Knowing him, he will be a monster in the 5th set. This will e a reppeat of Wimledon 2007 and Roger will e
02/01/2009 | 01:41 PM
I can't bear to watch this live but am checking scores. Why is this taking so long?
Is Nadal slowing play like he always does?
How many timeouts.
Oh I hope Roger can pull this off!
02/01/2009 | 01:41 PM
Some aces please -- few more -- one more time!!
02/01/2009 | 01:41 PM
Rog's serving 15, what a bh damn 15 all it's in!!!!!!! yes 30!!!!! 40!!!! game set Rog come on!!!!!!!
02/01/2009 | 01:40 PM
Come on KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Believe to your self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02/01/2009 | 01:39 PM
for 4th set and match..... do it.........
02/01/2009 | 01:38 PM
Roger, you are not giving up on this championship and I am not giving up on you! Hopp! Hopp!
02/01/2009 | 01:37 PM
Just do it -- it is your time -- take the set!!!
02/01/2009 | 01:36 PM
break him for the fourth c'mon
so u start serving in the fifth c'mon
02/01/2009 | 01:35 PM
5-2 lead for Federer in the 4th set, go Roger now gain ur confidence back, win this set and go for the kill in the 5th set. I never gave up on u, I knew u could do it. Pls break Nadal on his serve and dismantle him in the next set. Go Roger go.