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Another defeat by Murray

22.03.2009 | Tennis

Roger lost his semifinal against Andy Murray 3-6, 6-4, 1-6 in Indian Wells on Saturday.


Both players agreed that it was one of their toughest matches so far. For a few minutes shy of two hours, Roger had been outplayed. He had to face a strong performance by the Scotsman but also a large number of errors on his own side: 32 unforced errors in total, 17 in the first set alone. In the middle of the third set, after Murray took a spill at the baseline, Roger seemed to make a charge. Unfortunately he then lost three straight points off of his backhand giving Murray a 4-1 lead and again committing an unusual amount of errors.


"I played a shocking third set," Roger said. "It was one of those matches where it was very up and down from both ends and today the better player won."


Roger will be back on court very soon, with the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami starting on Monday.



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03/25/2009 | 03:55 PM
Fans!!Go over to ATPtennis.com and read the article that was printed in the Deuce magazine about Roger entitled "Federer's No. 1 Focus". It says it all.
03/25/2009 | 03:48 PM
Good Morning, Everyone --

Yes, it was I who contacted the webmaster and -- THANK YOU, MY FRIEND -- he has deleted the offensive comments on this site. There is no place for them. If you cannot say something respectfully, please do not say it at all.
03/25/2009 | 03:48 PM
RogerFederer, please come back,and come back stronge, stronger then ever ! We love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!
03/25/2009 | 03:41 PM
We believe you will return.
You will give us a show we have never,ever seen before again because you can.
We love you forever,Roger.

03/25/2009 | 03:38 PM




03/25/2009 | 03:28 PM
For juandos. Nadal is full of dope like a spanish cow. All the world know that. But we are not able to prove it like for the chinese athlets. But everybody know that, like for Armstrong. I hope in the progress of medicine and rafa is OUT.
03/25/2009 | 03:19 PM
I agree with boting: Nadal is a big DOPE !!!!
03/25/2009 | 03:08 PM
Where the hell are my comments?

Has someone deleted them ?
03/25/2009 | 02:59 PM
Darling Roger!

Forget this,the important thig is you should belive your self.belive that who are you???
Think about it champ.

Best wishes
03/25/2009 | 02:52 PM
Although most of us agree with you that Roger shouldn't play in 2008. But I don't think Roger would give up any chance to retain his points without giving a fight! He just couldn't do it. If he had stopped playing, he might have dropped to a very l
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