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Thank you

25.03.2009 | Off Court

Dear Fans-


I would personally like to thank all of my fans and active members of rogerfederer.com for your help in me being elected "fan favorite" for the sixth consecutive year! This means so much to me and I am deeply grateful to all of you for your loyal and unwavering support.


See you soon


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07/12/2009 | 04:06 PM
i voted for u in that contest.ur the best roger.i love u so much.
07/09/2009 | 11:27 AM
First of all Congratulations.....
That's our pleasure Roger.........
I am so happy for you......................................
05/04/2009 | 07:11 AM
awesome poem arhon...pg53
04/24/2009 | 07:01 AM
love you rog...and your welcome...obviously we'll stick by u as fans and the numbr will surely increase this year and you'll be elected as fan favourite for seven consecutive yrs...the pleasures ours
04/24/2009 | 06:58 AM
hey rog...will always stick by you...i'v loved you ever since you first one wimbledon...every one who knows me knows my obsession with you...you are my favorite person for sure...i respect you and you are my idol...i think you have a fab character...and y
04/17/2009 | 03:50 AM
Well deserved - I for one am happy my kids have such positive role models like yourself - thank you for that.
04/16/2009 | 06:52 AM
Hi Roger,
You'll always be my favourite..on or off the court... all the best in your quest for your 14th grand slam title!!!! Go Federer !!!!
04/14/2009 | 01:10 AM
forever a fan, you're the greatest (win or lose)
04/13/2009 | 07:09 PM
Roger! We are behind you all the way!!! You are a real champion and a pleasure to watch. Also, you are a wonderful role model for future tennis players - my 6-year-old son thinks that you are the best and hopes to play just as good when he grows up :)

04/12/2009 | 12:20 AM
Go Rogerr Even If you Retire we'll make Sure that you win this title Year after year !!
You are Our Number 1 !! and U'll always Be !!!

Best of luck !!!!! Champ
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