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Roger wins thriller

02.04.2009 | Tennis

Roger continued his domination of Andy Roddick, this time winning a tough match, topping the former world No. 1 American, 6-3, 4-6, 6-4 Wednesday to move into the semifinals at the Sony Ericsson Open.


13-time major titlist Roger was locked in a battle with Roddick for more than two hours, but despite 37 unforced errors, 20 more than his opponent, the Swiss pulled through. Roger had 42 winners, compared to 15 for Roddick.


"Here I had to adjust for a little bit to the night conditions, but I thought it was much easier than in Indian Wells where the ball is flying much more during the day, and during night it's way different."


Roger will next meet Serbian Novak Djokovic in the semifinals."I have a good record (7-2) against Novak, so I hope I can play well against him again," said our star.


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04/04/2009 | 04:37 AM
Dear fans,

I must say that I am shocked and ashamed at all the crap, disrespect, lack of sympathy, and plain nastiness that I have read tonight on this site as if everyone or at least a good %age of fans think they have the right to criticize, disresp
04/04/2009 | 03:08 AM
Dear fans,

I am truly shocked and ashamed at all the insensitive, negative, disrespectful, bossy judging posts and the ones full of crap, poor manners, etc. etc. that I have been reading tonight and, honestly, I am ashamed that people can be so cruel
04/04/2009 | 02:05 AM
Hard to see you're sad:(
I'm still with you ROGER!
Love forever...
04/04/2009 | 01:43 AM
I only hope some people stop demanding too much from Roger at this moment. He has won so many matches and tournaments already. Even batteries needed to be recharged. Even a machine needed to be fixed after been using for a long time. It's only natural tha
04/04/2009 | 01:05 AM

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04/04/2009 | 01:03 AM
By the way - today in a Swiss Newspaper is an Interview with Nick Bolletieri

I partially translated it:

What does Roger Federer have to do to beat Murray and Nadal?
With Roger’s beautiful hits he should almost always beat Murray. It is mostly in R
04/04/2009 | 12:58 AM
OK, people. Basta!! Everybody calm down, cool off, take some fresh air, go to bed. Please no insults/bad words on this website. Let's respect everyones' opinions and comments. We are all frustrated and dissapointed. But insulting each other will not help
04/04/2009 | 12:52 AM
Yes, you're right my friend. Some pathetic creature like that eeee is just not qualified to criticise Roger at all. Let him be a moron for all his life!
04/04/2009 | 12:51 AM
Mr Roger Federer should be more than a happy man with such the fans! I really agree with beatiful Mingeli's words. It is a true fan! I admire Roger, but I am so dissapointed after this match!!Novak Djokovic, what an opponent! I think Roger didn;t show any
04/04/2009 | 12:45 AM
Thank you for your nice post. You are so right about that idiot "eeee". Anyway, I think I should ignor him now. He's just too stupid and stubborn to realize his own foolishness. Idiots always think they are smart and love to make remarks like
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