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Roger wins thriller

02.04.2009 | Tennis

Roger continued his domination of Andy Roddick, this time winning a tough match, topping the former world No. 1 American, 6-3, 4-6, 6-4 Wednesday to move into the semifinals at the Sony Ericsson Open.


13-time major titlist Roger was locked in a battle with Roddick for more than two hours, but despite 37 unforced errors, 20 more than his opponent, the Swiss pulled through. Roger had 42 winners, compared to 15 for Roddick.


"Here I had to adjust for a little bit to the night conditions, but I thought it was much easier than in Indian Wells where the ball is flying much more during the day, and during night it's way different."


Roger will next meet Serbian Novak Djokovic in the semifinals."I have a good record (7-2) against Novak, so I hope I can play well against him again," said our star.


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04/04/2009 | 12:42 AM
mingeli***I have finally figured it out about eeee*. He is just jealous of all the love and devotion the fans have for Roger. God knows Roger deserves it but eeee is barely a human being. Too bad for him. Ha.
04/04/2009 | 12:36 AM
Fedgranny , that shameless idiot is YOU !!!!!!!!
04/04/2009 | 12:35 AM
Well, it DOES make a lot of sense that a lot of people are so upset and even shocked, notwithstanding that this all has been building up for some time now. We are all so upset because Roger set such a standard of excellence not seen before. Brilliance and
04/04/2009 | 12:35 AM

Dear Roger:

So sorry you had a really bad day. But you made it to the SF so it wasn't all bad.

Ignore the overzealous people who are writing crazy things here. There are lots more of us who love you and have faith in you, always. Look after yo
04/04/2009 | 12:35 AM
fedfanny***I totally agree with your post but unfortunately eeee has not the brains of an ox. It is a shame that someone like that can even speak Roger's name. To hell with you eeee. You are the devil in disguise and you will be sorry for what you have sa
04/04/2009 | 12:32 AM
Hi Fans,
we can be disappointed - especially after Roger was having an easy start going up 5:1 in less than 30 minutes. So yes we all expected an easy win.
But unfortunately things turned around - and if any of you have played any sport at all you woul
04/04/2009 | 12:31 AM
You don't deserve any explanation from me. I don't want to waste my time on some shameless idiot like you.

You're so right. That creature 'eeee" has no shame on his wrong predictions.

What you see on the TV screen
04/04/2009 | 12:27 AM
I actually drank wine last night eeee, but you know what, when Federer wins his next tournament or grand slam, i can't wait to read what your'e gonna type about, ok? and sorry for calling a F**ck, its not my nature, but hey Federer did slammed his racket
04/04/2009 | 12:19 AM
whbarney****Ditto. Great post. Keep believing.
04/04/2009 | 12:19 AM
Roger, I had all the confidence in the world that you were going to win your match today against Djokovic and then the second and third set happened..You played beautifully in the first set...what happened?

Maybe now that you have finally reached your
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