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Roger wins thriller

02.04.2009 | Tennis

Roger continued his domination of Andy Roddick, this time winning a tough match, topping the former world No. 1 American, 6-3, 4-6, 6-4 Wednesday to move into the semifinals at the Sony Ericsson Open.


13-time major titlist Roger was locked in a battle with Roddick for more than two hours, but despite 37 unforced errors, 20 more than his opponent, the Swiss pulled through. Roger had 42 winners, compared to 15 for Roddick.


"Here I had to adjust for a little bit to the night conditions, but I thought it was much easier than in Indian Wells where the ball is flying much more during the day, and during night it's way different."


Roger will next meet Serbian Novak Djokovic in the semifinals."I have a good record (7-2) against Novak, so I hope I can play well against him again," said our star.


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04/04/2009 | 12:17 AM
Wake up Mingeli , and see the reality.

You must be having a hangover , looks like you had too much beer last night !!!!!!!!!!!!
04/04/2009 | 12:16 AM
Swimmerzz91***You are one of the sensible fans. I will believe in Roger always. No one has the right to speak so badly about him when they don't even know why he is in pain. Give the man a break!
04/04/2009 | 12:14 AM
Yeah right , Mingeli.

Winning 3 or 4 tournaments with Rafa Nadal , the ultimate clay monster around , in your dreaaaaaaaaasmmmmmmmmmmms !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
04/04/2009 | 12:11 AM
Manu08***I know you are hurting but think of Roger first and think about maybe why HE may be hurting too. He has a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders. Have you never gotten to a breaking point? The man is human first and foremost. If you want to hel
04/04/2009 | 12:10 AM
I just wanted to say who the F**ck is eeee? let me tell you F**cking eeee, can you play against any top 10 player? can you even win a macth, shut the F**ck up and let Federer decide what the hell he wants to do with is life and the way he trains and prepa
04/04/2009 | 12:10 AM
fedfanny believe you but it has nothing to do
with skinny some people can be skinny but
may have a tummy have seen a lot of people
like that look around you and you will see them
as well

and for Mitz we know that you are the queen
of asking the
04/04/2009 | 12:09 AM
Thank you , Fedfanny

The same insult goes to you.
04/04/2009 | 12:08 AM
Mitz ,

If Roger is doing the "BEST HE CAN RIGHT NOW" by commiting over 40 unforced errors per match and 53% serve percentage , then you're clearly been misleaded.

You're wrong , Roger is not doing his best , if he was practicing as hard as the other
04/04/2009 | 12:06 AM
brian999666*Good post. Hang in there with Roger. Right now he needs understanding from his fans. Some of the posts I have read are downright stupid. So many who think they know everything about Roger when in effect they know zero. There has to be a good r
04/04/2009 | 12:06 AM
You are a shitty pig yourself! Will you stop twisting the fact and mis-interpret the things Roger says in the interview? You are a piece of rubbish which ought to be trashed from Roger's home page forever.
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