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Out in the semis

04.04.2009 | Tennis

Roger was knocked out of the Sony Ericsson Open semifinals by No. 3 Novak Djokovic 6-3, 2-6, 3-6 on Friday afternoon.


After winning the first set comfortably against an error-prone Djokovic in just 25 minutes, Roger unfortunately faded badly in the second. Under windy conditions, our Swiss won just 57 percent of first serve points in the second and it got worse in the third as Djokovic broke at the first attempt.


" I definitely struggled with my timing," Roger explained after the match. "You kind of try hard, and then it's just not

working. Today it is different just because there's so much wind. Once you start feeling bad, it's kind of tough to regroup."


In the third set, although Roger won two games in a row from 4-0 down, Djokovic finished the match and could capture his third win in 10 attempts against Roger.


Roger now heads to Europe to play the next tournaments on clay.

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04/09/2009 | 01:42 PM
Sorry for your loss, but I'm sure wherever your beloved mother is she'll be looking after you and yours:(
About Roger... what I really disliked is that he hasn't shake hands eith the umpire:( the bottles for sure he wasn't intending to hit t
04/09/2009 | 01:27 PM
Anybodu knows what Roger do right now, he training, he relaxing ??

Best rergards from POLAND
04/09/2009 | 01:22 PM
Peace be upon you Maystro

wow nice photo, we need to see you always smile; and the website color it's really good.

best wishes in Rome, keep working to get your first title this year.

04/09/2009 | 01:18 PM
Jamiechen P 74

I am so sorry to learn that your mother has passed away--how sad for you,your family and frinds. My sympathy to you all.
Memories of the ones that we have loved,
Still cast their gentle glow
To grace our days
And light our paths
04/09/2009 | 01:08 PM
Watching you play against Djokovic really was distressing. Smashing the racket was one thing but throwing the bottles at the ball boys was quite another. I think you know it is not acceptable under any circumstances. I hope it is a one off.

04/09/2009 | 12:54 PM
** champional ** p. 74
I totally agree with your comments. This web site is for Roger's fans. If you don't have anything good to say, look for another blog.

** Jamiechin ** p.74

I am sorry for your lost.

04/09/2009 | 12:18 PM

Pray for your health and good luck on clay season.
I have all faith with you.

love forever,
04/09/2009 | 12:14 PM
Roger! hope training is going great... looking forward seeing u play in the claycourt swing, good luck!!!!!!!

Maurice from Holland
04/09/2009 | 12:08 PM
***jamiechin*** p.74

I'm so sorry to hear about your Mum. I had noticed that you hadn't been around but now we know why. You must have felt devastated. I hope you are feeling a little better.

I love your post & everything you say about Roger. I a
04/09/2009 | 11:53 AM

Wishing you and your family some good days off and looking forward to seeing you back in action very soon on the clay court. Even if you didn't win any matches on hard court you reached further than you did last year. Good luck our champ, just ke
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