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Out in the semis

04.04.2009 | Tennis

Roger was knocked out of the Sony Ericsson Open semifinals by No. 3 Novak Djokovic 6-3, 2-6, 3-6 on Friday afternoon.


After winning the first set comfortably against an error-prone Djokovic in just 25 minutes, Roger unfortunately faded badly in the second. Under windy conditions, our Swiss won just 57 percent of first serve points in the second and it got worse in the third as Djokovic broke at the first attempt.


" I definitely struggled with my timing," Roger explained after the match. "You kind of try hard, and then it's just not

working. Today it is different just because there's so much wind. Once you start feeling bad, it's kind of tough to regroup."


In the third set, although Roger won two games in a row from 4-0 down, Djokovic finished the match and could capture his third win in 10 attempts against Roger.


Roger now heads to Europe to play the next tournaments on clay.

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04/08/2009 | 11:39 PM
Thank you, Mitz -- how kind of you! Well, of course I don't really KNOW what is going on with Roger -- no one but Roger knows that. But when you are 60 like I am and looking back at age 27 for yourself and then your own children, you realize that the mo
04/08/2009 | 11:07 PM
guys please does anyone(expet for *eeee* who jocked about my question previously) know where is roger i am so concerned about him cause he didn t write for us for so long
please answer me and this time seriously cause we can t jock about these things
04/08/2009 | 10:59 PM

belive in yourself....because I belive!

I love you,bianca cartágenes-13
04/08/2009 | 10:48 PM
Dear Roger-
I have been looking at video after video on youtube of you. Of course, there are thousands, it seems, of you from the early days till the present day. Watching your beautiful form is so inspiring for everyone who loves tennis. It makes one
04/08/2009 | 10:35 PM
Normally I ignore you, eeee, but what a terrible thing to say about the earthquake! People died there! To make a joke about it and insult Roger in the process was not funny at all. I seem to recall that your idol Rafa wasn't the picture of calm and coo
04/08/2009 | 10:35 PM
LynneDanley****Beautiful and thoughtful post. I wish more of them were like yours-so sensible in so many ways. We can't help loving "our" Roger and he means so much to us each individually that it is hard to see him in the shape he is in. If there were ma
04/08/2009 | 10:30 PM
Fans of Roger: I just received my copy of The Tennis Magazine. It is dated May 2009. After I read the article on page 24 written by a man named L. Jon Wertheim under the caption "MY POINT", I thought to myself that every one of Roger's true fans need to r
04/08/2009 | 10:05 PM
where are you roger we are waiting for your response
04/08/2009 | 10:01 PM
what's happen to you?
why are you talking like that?
Roger is facing a real crisis of confidence. I think we should support him and we cannot compare noone to him.He is unique.
04/08/2009 | 09:33 PM
Greetings to all Roger fans and worshippers of his talent.I’ve been reading you messages and I’m wondering why are you such big perfectionists and why do you demand so much from Roger.Why do you insist that if he plays until the age of 35,he’ll always ha